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Evo announces continued partnership with ASTRO Gaming, the official audio partner for Evo 2021 Online & Showcase

Evo is honored to announce our continued partnership with ASTRO Gaming as the official audio partner of Evo 2021 Online and the upcoming Evo 2021 Showcase in the fall.

ASTRO has supported Evo through the use of their Headsets and MixAmps since 2016, ensuring the Evo competitors had access to the highest quality audio in gaming. Continuing into 2021, ASTRO will provide our talent, competitors, and community with custom Evo A40 TR Headsets to commentate and compete with.

To celebrate our 2021 partnership with ASTRO Gaming, we are holding a custom Evo Headset giveaway for our community and followers!

Starting today at 12:00 PM PT, participants can enter to win one of the incredible prizes below:

Evo Headset

  • 5x ​Grand Prize = ASTRO.ID Headsets + Evo Speaker Tags + MixAmp Pro TR
  • 15x Runner Ups = A40 TR Headsets + Evo Speaker Tags

Enter now for your chance to win!

Shout out and thank you to ASTRO Gaming for their continued support of Evo and the FGC. Be sure to check them out and join the ASTRO Family today @ ASTROGaming.com.

We will see you all at showtime for Evo 2021 Online on 8/7-8 and 8/14-15 at twitch.tv/evo!

Find the competition’s streaming schedules for your favorite games at smash.gg/evo!

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