In collaboration with Bandai Namco Entertainment, we are hosting an exciting event on November 12, 2023, at 5 PM PST, celebrating TEKKEN 7’s legacy while we prepare for TEKKEN 8. Kicking things off we have an exhibition featuring every TEKKEN 7 Evo champ competing in TEKKEN 8. We’ll also host the latest TEKKEN Talk with special guests, Katsuhiro Harada, Michael Murray, and Kohei “Nakatsu” Ikeda, highlighting the latest characters, features, and mechanics, including the final TEKKEN 8 launch character reveal!

The seven TEKKEN 7 Evo Champions will usher in the beginning of TEKKEN 8 competition through a unique Ladder format starting in 2015 and 2016 with Nobi vs Saint. They’ll be joined by Saint, JDCR, LowHigh, Book, Knee, and Arslan Ash as we travel through the years in this arcade-style ladder, introducing TEKKEN 8 competition to Evo’s fans. These incredibly talented players have proven their skills time and time again over the years, and we cannot express how excited we are to have them all together to show off TEKKEN 8. The ladder matches will have commentary by the phenomenal Tasty Steve, Blood Hawk, and JustASpirit, keeping you in the moment with their invaluable insights and energy.

Following the showmatch will be an exclusive TEKKEN Talk with Katsuhiro Harada, Michael Murray, and Kohei “Nakatsu” Ikeda going in-depth with character breakdowns for the latest fighters, including the reveal of the final TEKKEN 8 launch character! They will also cover Closed Beta Test feedback from the latest session, key info on the TEKKEN World Tour 2023 Finals in New Orleans next year, and more. We are honored to share this inside look from Bandai Namco Entertainment with TEKKEN fans everywhere.

Are you ready for the next battle? We will stream live on on November 12, 2023, at 5 PM PST. Join us for this special look into TEKKEN 8, and stay tuned for more game coverage in 2024 from Evo. Also, follow TEKKEN and Bandai Namco Esports for the latest developments for TEKKEN and their other competitive titles.