Introducing the Evo 2022 Showcase!

This year, Evo is welcoming developers, publishers, players, personalities, and more to our mainstage on Friday, August 5th. We’ve got panels, exhibitions, interviews, trailers, reveals, a concert, and more starting at 10am PDT. Hype moments and announcements can happen right from the jump, so be sure you’re in the Exhibit Halls at Mandalay Bay early to watch live or tune in at home at

Now, let’s find out what’s going down on Friday at Evo 2022!


Evo Online 2022/08/03


We’re kicking off at 10 AM with The Past, Present, And Future of The Guilty Gear Series!

Join us for this special panel featuring CCO and General Director Daisuke Ishiwatari, Producer Ken Miyauchi, Dev Director Akira Katano, Art Director Hidehiko Sakamura, and VP of the Developer Department Takeshi Yamanaka as they discuss Guilty Gear -Strive- and showcase never before seen content from its development. Moderated by Markman and featuring special guest Jiyuna.

Evo Online 2022/08/03


At 2:15 PM SNK will be taking the stage for a Panel Discussion with the King of Fighters XV Devs! KOFXV Chief Producer Yasuyuki Oda will be joined by Assistant Producer Joshua Weatherford and Game Director Kaito Soranaka to discuss KOFXV’s ongoing development and future plans.

Prior to their panel, the team at SNK is also presenting a live concert recording from the SNK Sound Team at 12:15 PM showcasing some of the timeless music from the King of Fighters franchise.

Evo Online 2022/08/03


At 5:30 PM in-game community commentators Vicious and Aru take center stage at Evo 2022 with a fresh look at Street Fighter 6! See what they have in-store for the latest entry in the storied Street Fighter franchise.

Evo Online 2022/08/03


Before Skullgirls Top 8 takes Evo’s main stage for the first time, their development team at Hidden Variable Studios has prepared a special feature for fans and newcomers alike! Watch two of the best players in the world go head-to-head in an exhibition match featuring DLC character Black Dahlia, hear from the developers in a behind-the-scenes featurette, and check out the reveal of a brand-new Skullgirls character!

Evo Online 2022/08/03


Evo 2022 is excited to feature the developers and publishers behind some of the games in our tournament lineup, but to be an all-encompassing celebration of fighting games, we’re also providing a platform for independent creators! Throughout the day on Friday, Evo will be showcasing and premiering trailers from creators all over the world who are invested in making new fighting games for the community. You’ll be able to experience many of these games on the show floor as well! The development teams from Punch Planet, Tough Love Arena, and Rushdown Revolt will also be taking stage to discuss their unique approaches to fighting games and how the genre continues to grow.

To further explore making fighting games, Evo co-founders Tom and Tony Cannon will be hosting Evo’s first mainstage indie Developer Roundtable this year. Like those joining them at the roundtable, the Cannons are avid fighting game fans who took their passion and channeled it into game development. Valuable insights are sure to be discovered when they are joined by members of 5 Force Fighters, Punch Planet, Tough Love Arena, and Rushdown Revolt to explore what makes fighting games something so great at Evo 2022.


Evo Online 2022/08/03

Tokido is a 3 time Evo Champion who claimed trophies in Street Fighter V, Capcom Vs. SNK 2, and Super Street Fighter II Turbo since 2007. Discover key insights from one of the most successful players in Evo’s history as Seth Killian and the Cannon brothers take a look back on Tokido’s storied competitive history at 6 PM.

Evo Online 2022/08/03


Evo 2022 marks 20 years of Evolution Championship Series events. The Cannon brothers will be on-stage throughout the day to journey through the series history, but also to introduce 20th anniversary throwback matches showcasing some of Evo’s most historic competitors. Alex Valle vs John Choi in Street Fighter Alpha 2, Gandido vs Ryan Hart in TEKKEN 5: Dark Resurrection, and Justin Wong vs Daigo Umehara in Street Fighter IV, will all be featured in these Evo 20th Anniversary exhibitions and interviews!


In keeping with our focus on the community this year, we’re also excited to be hosting World Premiere reveals of new products coming from Qanba and Victrix! Check out their booths on the show floor to get a closer look at the excellent fighting game products and accessories they already have available.

Want to check out all the above in person but don’t have tickets to Evo 2022? You can still pick up yours through Mandalay Bay and AXS today!

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