Looking for more ways to play at Evo 2023? We’ve got you covered! Attendees can keep their games going after their tournament pools with the Community Showcase, Free Play Console Area, and BYOC.

The Community Showcase at Evo 2023 features tournaments for beloved fighting games hosted by FGC organizers in collaboration with Evo. The Top 6 finalists for all tournaments held in the Community Showcase will receive Evo Community Tournament medals.

For this inaugural Evo Community Showcase, we have brought in Hagure and Shiburizu, admins from the Vortex Gallery Tournaments at Evo 2022, as Community Showcase staff. They will be helping us produce a refined experience for our community tournament competitors and organizers. As part of our new Community Showcase, Evo will be providing broadcast equipment, experienced stream staff, dedicated floor space, tournament setups, medals, and scheduling support for featured organizers. Additionally, select Community Showcase Finals will appear on the INZONE Community Stage, located in the center of the Convention Halls. All games appearing on this presentation stage will be broadcasted by Team Spooky for increased awareness and have spectator seating.

To further improve the experience for Evo competitors, the Community Showcase is positioned close to Evo’s primary tournament pit, with restrooms, water, and food stations nearby. This will help reduce travel time between Evo’s tournament brackets, the Community Showcase, and core attendee needs. Lastly, we want the players in the Community Showcase to have our full support, so Evo bracket staff will be taking Community Showcase tournaments into account when reviewing pool placements for Evo competitors. This will help reduce scheduling conflicts for multi-game competitors during the event.

Our goal is to give Community Showcase players and organizers a more streamlined platform and competitor experience. The stories told through the Community Showcase deserve to be shared, and we are doing our part to make this year’s showcase as efficient and accessible as possible.

Ready to register for the Community Showcase? Make sure you have an Evo 2023 pass first! You’ll need it to compete. You can purchase a pass here.

Listed below are all of the Community Showcase tournaments at Evo 2023:

The 18 games featured are:

  • BlazBlue: Central Fiction (PlayStation 4 Pro)
    Hosted by Chickzama of World Serpent Championship
  • BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle (PlayStation 4 Pro)
    Hosted by GTek of Intertwining Fates
  • Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium (Dreamcast)
    Hosted by SilentScope88
  • DNF Duel (PlayStation 4 Pro)
    Hosted by Xiei
  • Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 (PlayStation 4 Pro)
    Hosted by AALanLine of Play Guilty Gear
  • Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R (PC)
    Hosted by Aligari
  • Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (Dreamcast)
    Hosted by Onikage
  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (PlayStation 4 Pro)
    Hosted by Diosama
  • Skullgirls: 2nd Encore (PlayStation 4 Pro)
    Hosted by JMZ
  • SOULCALIBUR VI (PlayStation 4 Pro)
    Hosted by Sabindeus of Team DEUS
  • Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Arcade)
    Hosted by DJ Cream
  • Street Fighter III: Third Strike (Arcade)
    Hosted by Arlieth
  • Street Fighter V: Champion Edition (PlayStation 4 Pro)
    Hosted by ThomasWinkley of GetGoodFGC
  • Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (Arcade)
    Hosted by Hagure
  • Ultra Street Fighter IV (PlayStation 4 Pro)
    Hosted by OmegaTomHanks
  • Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r] (PlayStation 4 Pro)
    Hosted by Kurushii
  • Vampire Savior (Arcade) 
    Hosted by Ailerus of Vampire Arcadia
  • Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown (PlayStation 4 Pro)
    Hosted by Mech

Attendees who would rather play at their own pace have a few different opportunities at the event. The Free Play Console Area will include 29 gaming pods and over 100 setups featuring all 8 games from the main Evo lineup. Even if you drown in pools, there’s no reason you can’t continue playing! These consoles will be up to date with all the content you need. Just bring your controller, plug in, and enjoy!

We’ve also got our BYOC section that lets attending organizers host their favorite games not featured in Evo’s lineup or the Community Showcase. This year, we have created new BYOC entry protocols providing approved BYOC organizers VIP entry for themselves and their gear. These protocols will help speed up the entry process while maintaining security. There will be a dedicated section of tables and monitors with multiple time slots to apply for. BYOC is located directly next to the Free Play Console Area and Vendor Village for heightened visibility as well. Throughout the slot rotations, there are opportunities for up to 96 BYOC organizers attending Evo 2023 to host their favorite games!

Already know you want a BYOC space? Complete our application form today! Applicants will be picked via a lottery on July 8, 2023, and sent additional info regarding their scheduling and how to enter/exit the convention hall. Evo will also be highlighting BYOC organizers and their schedules in our upcoming event activities post on evo.gg.

Please note that due to immense registration for the Evo 2023 core lineup, and the increased amount of exclusive on-site event activities (more exciting announcements coming soon!), the floor space available for Community Tournaments and BYOC has been slightly reduced. Nevertheless, we hope you enjoy all the new and exciting experiences we have in store for you at Evo 2023! We can’t wait for you to experience them soon.
Want to lend us a hand? Evo’s events aren’t possible without support from the community. Fill out our registration form and join our crew today! All crew members are compensated and receive exclusive event merchandise. 

Can’t make it to Evo this year? No worries. Evo 2023’s Community Showcase tournaments will be streamed live on various Twitch and YouTube channels!

While we hope to make every Evo special, Evo 2023 is on its way to being one of the most memorable yet. In less than two months, you’ll know what we mean! Register today, and we will see you in Las Vegas, August 4-6, 2023!