Show us your passion for fighting games at Evo's 2023 cosplay contest! Our contest is open to all characters that appear in fighting games (please see rules below for details) and all skill levels. 

Craftsmanship and accuracy are highly valued in our contest, but are not the only ways to make yourself stand out! Did you utilize a unique and interesting construction technique? Do you love getting into character? Show us how your character inspired you. (Or simply show us your costume– there is no pressure to perform!)

Evo 2023 - Cosplay Contest - Rules and Info


Cosplay gathering and photo area will be in Booth E8 on the floor map. The Top 6 cosplay showcase will be on the Sony InZone Community Stage (Stage H).


Judging - Day 1: Friday, August 4th from 1:00PM PDT to 3:00PM PDT and 5:00PM PDT to 7:00PM PDT.
Judging - Day 2: Saturday, August 5th from 1:00PM PDT to 4:00PM PDT.

Cosplay Showcase Top 6: Saturday, August 5th at 5:00 PM PDT.

Judges will pick 3 cosplayers on Day 1 and 3 cosplayers on Day 2 to be invited as Finalists for the Cosplay Showcase Top 6.

Finalists will appear on our cosplay stage where they will be interviewed and have an opportunity to give a presentation on their cosplay. Final rankings will be determined after the presentations have concluded.


  • Characters must appear in a fighting game to be eligible for competition. If your character appears in but does not originate from a fighting game, please wear the version of their costume as it appears within a fighting game. Cosplayers must be wearing their cosplay to be judged and qualify as a Finalist.
  • Be prepared to show a reference image of the character you are cosplaying to the judges. If your character does not originate from a fighting game, please make sure your reference image shows the version of them that appears in a fighting game. Progress photos are also highly encouraged!
  • Costumes will be judged individually (no groups).
  • Handmade costumes are highly preferred, but there is no specific percentage of the costume that must be handmade to be eligible for competition.
  • Masks for health and safety, mobility aids, and cosplay handlers/assistants are all permitted and will not affect judging.
  • Cosplay is NOT consent. Cosplay is not an invitation to sexualize, ridicule or degrade others. Please be respectful and ask for photo permission. Be kind.
  • Cosplay is about creativity and passion. We encourage everyone to cosplay whomever fighting game characters they wish, regardless of size, gender, age, religion or ethnic background. We simply ask that you follow the guidelines below and please keep in mind that Evo 2023 is a family friendly event.
  • Costumes worn on the convention floor must not obstruct or impede the flow of traffic or entryways. If the costume cannot fit through a standard doorway, it may not be allowed during general convention hours.


Winner (1) of the Evo 2023 Cosplay Contest will be awarded flight and hotel for a future international Evo event (details to be announced later).

Top 8 contestants will receive Evo medals.

Evo 2023 - Cosplay Host and Judges

@VampyBitMe – Linda Le

Vampy is a cosplayer originally from a small town in Oklahoma, now residing in California. She has been part of the cosplay community for over two decades and loves spreading positivity in cosplay. She believes anyone can express themselves through the love of the craft! Besides cosplay, she loves sharing her love for all things toys/collectables. She enjoys meeting passionate people from all different walks of life and currently hosts and travels to various shows for games and hobbies as well as meeting other creatives!

@HelloCuteLife – Erin

Hello Cute Life is a veteran cosplayer of 23 years with a degree in fashion design and extensive experience in cosplay/plush commission work. She has also created and modeled costumes for game companies and events. Her favorite fighting game series is Guilty Gear, and she made her first Guilty Gear cosplay all the way back in 2003! When not working on costumes or plush commissions, Hello Cute Life also creates and sells fantasy accessories at medieval/fairy festivals to raise funds for her bird rescue, Hello Cute Duck.

@Kaori_Kaotan - Kaori Horiuchi

Kaori Horiuchi is a member of a Japanese idol group, MC and Twitch streamer. She has been in her group for 11 years and has been working as MC for 8 years. She is an avid gamer, anime and pop-culture enthusiast. Kaori has also helped host and judge the cosplay contest for Evo Japan 2023.

Be sure to follow Evo on Twitter to keep up with the latest announcements from the event. If you haven't bought your convention pass yet, you can still pick up spectator passes or the 2-day convention bundle on the Evo website. We look forward to seeing everyone in Las Vegas from August 4 - 6 to show off their cosplay skills and rep their favorite characters!