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ARC WORLD TOUR 2023 has been well underway, launching with Headstomper in Malmo, Sweden, and Battle Arena Melbourne in Melbourne, Australia, on June 9-11, 2023. Brussels Challenge Major Edition kept the action going on July 14-16, 2023. It is time for Evo 2023 to shake up the circuit as another massive opportunity for players to impact their overall standings.

The first set got the crowd going when Daru got an excellent read on NBNHMR and cruised onto Winners Finals. Leffen dominated in his first set, going 3-0 against Tyurara with his unrelenting Happy Chaos. NBNHMR came back in the Losers Quarter-Finals after winning the mirror match against Verix. Returning Evo 2022 Champion, UMISHO went 3-0 in her set dueling Tyurara, eliminating them from the tournament. Leffen continued to command the tournament to lead the Top 6 in Grand Finals.

Leffen wasted no time in the Grand Finals, making quick work of NBNHMR, winning 3-0. Leffen became the Evo 2023 Guilty Gear -Strive- Champion through his absolute mastery of Happy Chaos. Guilty Gear -Strive- is Leffen’s second Championship. His other title is in Super Smash Bros. Melee from Evo 2018.

Final Standings for Evo 2023 and Point Totals for Arc World Tour:

1. TSM Leffen 145 Points

2. ONi NBNHMR 57 Points

3. Daru_I-No 20 Points

4. M.RAGE | UMISHO 12 Points

5. IBSG Tyurara 8 Points

5. Solo Verix 8 Points

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Where’s next on the Arc World Tour? We have VSFIGHTING XI in Birmingham, UK, REV MAJOR in Manila, Philippines, ARCREVO Japan 2023, CEOtaku, in Orlando, Florida, Battle Coliseum in São Paulo, Brazil, and Frosty Faustings in Chicago, United States.

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