Photo Credit: Robert Paul - @TEMPUSROB

Day 1 of Evo 2023 has come to a close, and with it, we sent off Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate with an unforgettable finish. For one last time, the best MK11 players fought to prove they had what it takes to be the final reigning Evo champion in the title. Whether you watched it with us live or are catching up, you have got to watch this Top 6.

It was a phenomenal display of skill from all competitors. Following Ninjakilla throughout their journey through the Losers bracket for them to return to Grand Finals and reset the bracket was a run for the history books. Nicolas and Ninjakilla were two formidable opponents who both showed incredible mastery of Fujin. The final set was 2-2 and it felt like it could be anyone’s trophy. With mere inches of health between the two of them, Ninjakilla conquered all and became the final Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Evo champion!

Final Standings for Evo 2023:

1. Ninjakilla_212

2. TMM/T7G Nicolas

3. TMM/T7G Scorpionprocs

4. A F0xy Grampa

5. TheMightyUnjust

5. Xombat

Thank you all for joining us for our first Top 6 of Evo 2023 and the final showing of Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate. While the history of this title is complete for now, the next chapter will soon begin. Mortal Kombat 1 launches the next era of MK with new stories for players to forge. We’ve got seven more tournaments left and two more days of competition. Join us tomorrow for more unparalleled matches at Evo 2023!