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The TEKKEN World Tour reached its MASTER+ event this weekend at Evo 2023. The stakes were at an all-time high, with massive point gains up for grabs. The Top 6 was stacked with players representing countries from around the world. Who took the TEKKEN 7 Evo 2023 Champion title and made the largest moves in the TWT? We’ve got the highlights!

At the start of the Top 6, Evo 2019 TEKKEN 7 Champ Arslan Ash knocked down USLAN to Losers Side 2-1 with two rounds and pixels of health for each player! Then it was AO with the win against Genghis D0n after a solid showing with their Kunimitsu. In the Losers Quarter-Finals, Anakin and Ulsan had a battle of giants. With one game each, the pressure was on. Uslan expertly maneuvered around Anakin, ending their run in the tournament. Genghis D0n took down Meo-IL to face Uslan in the Losers Semi-Final.

Back on the Winners Side, Arslan Ash faced AO in an intense Kunimitsu mirror match. The first game had both players neck and neck, with two rounds and slivers of health, but Arslan took the win. The second game wasn’t as even-handed, with Arslan taking the win yet again. While AO appeared to be on a roll with the third game, any chances of a reverse sweep ended when Arslan Ash took the fourth game, going 3-1 and moving into Grand Finals with the opportunity to make history and be the first to win two Evo Championships in TEKKEN 7.

Ulsan and Genghis D0n had an incredibly close duel in the Losers Semi-Finals, but Ulsan grasped victory and proceeded to the Losers Finals against AO. In the final set, Ulsan changed characters from Feng to Kazumi to try to mix things up. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to turn the tide, even as they brought the final set to 2-2. AO moved up to face Arslan Ash in Grand Finals!

Would you believe us if we told you this was the fifth Grand Final at Evo 2023 to have a mirror match? Arslan Ash made significantly quick work of AO, ending their run and the tournament. Arslan Ash became the Evo 2023 TEKKEN 7 Champion adding the fourth Evo title to their legendary collection of accomplishments.

Final Standings for Evo 2023 and Point Totals for TEKKEN WORLD TOUR:

1. TM | RB Arslan Ash 1,710Points - Ranked #1 in TWT

2. GyoGun AO 401 Points - Ranked #18 in TWT

3. KDF ULSAN 1,270 Points - Ranked #2 in TWT

4. TUE Genghis D0n 340 Points - Ranked #21 in TWT

5. KDF Meo-IL 451 Points - Ranked #15 in TWT

5. RB Anakin 465 Points - Ranked #13 in TWT

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Where’s next on the TEKKEN World Tour? We have VSFIGHTING XI in Birmingham, UK, REV MAJOR in Manila, Philippines, and Thaiger Uppercut in Bangkok, Thailand. There’s plenty of circuit left to change the final standings. 

What happens after the Master Events? Announced at Evo 2023, the TWT LQL is January 12, 2024, and the TWT Finals follow on January 12-14, 2024, at the New Orleans Civic Center in Louisana, US. This will bring the 19 top TEKKEN 7 players based on the World Leaderboard for one last competition to crown the ultimate TEKKEN 7 player.

Need more fighting game action? The Arena Finals have two more games to go! Guilty Gear -Strive- is up next!