Photo Credit: Robert Paul - @TEMPUSROB

THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV is back for its second year at Evo! The international support for the game has been massive, and the players have shown up to demonstrate their dominance in the title. The dynamic duo Hellpockets and Colt MX put on a phenomenal show. Whether you caught it live or are watching the recording, you’re in for a treat.

Xiaohai intimidated their opponents with impressive control while playing undercover with a golden arcade stick. WeroAsamiya had massive support from the crowd while they made their way through the Losers Bracket. The Winners Finals held an incredible back-and-forth duel between E.T. and Xiaohai. 

At the very last moment, Xiaohai grasped victory and moved into the Grand Finals after a tragic miscalculation from E.T. That didn’t keep E.T. from climbing back up to the Grand Finals for a legendary rematch against Xiaohai! The Grand Finals went to the fifth game, and the audience cheered with KOF-style energy! Xiaohai denied the reset with pixels of health between the players and earned the title of THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV Evo 2023 Champion!

Final Standings for Evo 2023: 

1. Qanba X Douyu Xiaohai

2. X Gear E.T.

3. Shinwa Promotion mok

4. CN/Gema WeroAsamiya

5. (Kor) Lacid

5. Madkof

Watch the unbelievable Grand Finals between Xiaohai and E.T. and watch every tournament match so far on our YouTube channel!

THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV Evo Champion received their crown and trophy, but Evo 2023 attendees can keep the KOF action going at the BYOC area! Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising takes the stage with its special preview tournament! We are only halfway through Day 2 at Evo 2023. Don’t go anywhere!