If you were at Evo 2023, you might have checked out an early look at the phenomenal retro-inspired indie fighter Pocket Bravery. Evo is proud to offer a platform for indie developers to show off their games and their passion to the world. Statera Studio combines their love for the classics with their own identity, creating a game that is more than a homage to the nostalgic era of fighting games. They achieve this through beautifully animated characters, an engaging take on meter management, and a memorable world supported by a dedicated community.

Pocket Bravery takes place in a stylized version of Earth, complete with fantastical characters with powerful abilities called Ichor. The main character, Nuno Alves, starts the game imprisoned with his new mentor, Lobo, who teaches him how to use his latent powers. Nuno relives the memories that brought him to this point, including his run-in with the nefarious Hector Silva and the criminal organization Matilha. A prison break ensues. Luckily for Nuno, this was all a part of the plan. With his newfound powers, Nuno sets out on a journey across the globe to face himself and the past he left behind.

Pocket Bravery is a four-button fighter, using one button for light punch, heavy punch, light kick, and heavy kick, respectively. The inputs are very SNK-inspired, which makes sense when the original idea for the game was to create something similar to THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII. Expect plenty of quarter-circle backward to half-circle forward motions for special moves and slick and stylish combos that feel great to execute.

One of the ways that Pocket Bravery sets itself apart is with how it utilizes two meters. One is the standard super meter, called the Power Bar. The second meter is the Elemental Bar. It lets players use enhanced versions of their moves with an added elemental flair. Think EX moves that add fire, ice, earth, and more.

These two meters work together in unique ways, too. Players can perform Elemental Cancels (E.Cancels) by spending the elemental gauge and half of the power gauge. S. Cancels are also available for players to cancel special attacks into their supers. It costs one stock of the Power Bar plus an additional half bar to perform an S. Cancel, so be sure to manage your meter wisely!

There are plenty of ways to play Pocket Bravery. Get to know the characters and dive into the lore with Story and Arcade modes. Want to customize your favorite character? Unlock new colors in the shop! There is a ton of art to unlock in the gallery, too.

Of course, there are traditional versus modes, both offline and online. The online play features rollback netcode, creating a smooth connection for matches. Players can compete in both Casual and Ranked matches. Lobbies are available, too! Get together with friends and keep the sets going. Are you looking to take your game even further? Check out the Trial, Survival, and Time Attack modes for an extra challenge!

Pocket Bravery is home to a robust tutorial. Whether you’ve been playing fighting games for years and want a quick primer on what makes Pocket Bravery tick or are brand new to fighters, there’s plenty to learn! There’s even a separate tutorial for teaching fundamental fighting game knowledge and playable scenarios, putting that info into practice. Feel confident in your skills? Head to the Combo Factory, where you can challenge yourself with combo trials for each character or create your own with the perfect combo.

Statera Studio has worked together 100% remotely since its inception in 2020. It is a labor of love, and it shows in every frame. In a way of giving back to the community they love, you can even find influential members of the FGC immortalized in Pocket Bravery.

Statera Studio is supporting the title through regular updates and future DLC characters. There is also a Discord for players to get together, provide feedback, and set up matches. Pocket Bravery is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.