Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising continues the trend of making history with its first appearance at Evo Japan as a main title, alongside being the first event in Arc World Tour 2024. ROOKIES, KINO, TORORO, REN, GAMERA, and TAKODOT, proved they are the best among the over 700 GBVSR competitors. We have the highlights for every moment of this nail-biting Top 6 competition.

TORORO and KINO kickstart the final Top 6 of the day with Siegfried and Metera. The first game was over in the blink of an eye with TORORO’s devastating Siegfried. KINO kept trying to create an opening, but TORORO continued to counter and avoid their projectiles. While KINO got a lot of damage on TORORO in the second game, once TORORO found the opportunity, he returned all the damage received and then some. Going 3:0, TORORO heads to the Winners Finals.

The next Winners Semifinal features ROOKIES and REN in a Seox mirror match. With both players utilizing such a fast character, reaction speed was everything. ROOKIES' aggressive playstyle overwhelms REN for the first two games. REN appeared to gather his footing to outplay ROOKIES and earn a win, bringing the score to 2:1, with ROOKIES still in favor. When it seemed like ROOKIES would win the set, REN returned with a Super Skybound Art, giving each player a round in Game 4. ROOKIES continued to push to win the set, but a determined REN stopped him in his tracks, leading to a Game 5 to break the tie. ROOKIES says farewell to Seox and swaps in Belial. At first, the character change seemed to put ROOKIES at a disadvantage, but with a sliver of health, ROOKIES took the next round off REN. Now, at the set point, after REN closed the gap, ROOKIES earned his victory with the Belial switch and moved on to the Winners Final with TORORO.

The first Losers Quarterfinal features REN and TAKODOT with Seox and Nier. Each early round was incredibly close between the two players as they exchanged blows back and forth until the deciding player landed a complete combo. TAKODOT gathered enough intel after a few rounds to close in on REN, ensuring they didn’t have the room necessary to build momentum. As TAKODOT seemed to gain confidence, REN returned to read their offense, bringing the score to 2:2. The tension peaked when each player won a round in Game 5. With everything on the line, REN established an expert read to defeat TAKODOT and progress to the Losers Semifinal.

KINO returns with Metera against three-time Evo Champion GAMERA’s Djeeta in the next Losers Quarterfinal. GAMERA spot dodged KINO’s projectiles to take a quick first game. With a sliver of health, GAMERA connected a Skybound Art to counter KINO’s attack, reacting with finesse to take the first round in Game 2. GAMERA continued finding openings until he finished the set and moved to the Losers Semifinal.

Next, IBUSHIGIN team members TORORO and ROOKIES face off in the Winners Final. TORORO continues to use Seigfried, and ROOKIES returns to Seox after switching to Belial to win his previous match against REN. After the first game, the return to Seox appeared to be the right decision, as ROOKIES won both rounds. TORORO won the first round of Game 2. Still, ROOKIES brought the tide of the battle back into his favor, winning two rounds back to back and bringing the score to 2:0. ROOKIES’ aggression and control of the airspace made things difficult for TORORO, leaving him unable to create many openings. While the victory against a teammate might be bittersweet, ROOKIES earned a definitive win, 3:0, as he heads to the Grand Finals.

REN and GAMERA go head-to-head in the Losers Semifinal to see who will join TORORO in the Losers Final. Ren keeps his Seox going strong into another match while GAMERA changes characters to Anila. While GAMERA had great ranged attack options, Seox’s speed seemed too much to keep up with for the first game. GAMERA switched back into Djeeta, which turned the tide for the next round. REN retaliated in Round 2 of Game 2 with a swift win. GAMERA was determined to win Game 2 and effectively earned it by countering REN at every turn. A consistent strategy from GAMERA was to unleash EX fireballs in the corner, giving opportunities to extend into more damaging combos. GAMERA took the win over REN as he heads to the Losers Final to face TORORO.

The Losers Final with TORORO and GAMERA would determine who would join ROOKIES in the Grand Final. TORORO switches from Siegfried to Percival, and Gamera sticks to Djeeta. While TORORO appeared to avoid many of GAMERA’s usual strategies, it wouldn’t be enough to win the first game. GAMERA was destructive, punishing TORORO at every opportunity. When it seemed like GAMERA’s victory was assured, TORORO turned up the heat with their Percival and took their first game in the match, bringing the score 2:1 in favor of GAMERA. While TORORO made a valiant effort, GAMERA finished the match at 3:1, heading to the Grand Final against ROOKIES.

GAMERA starts the Grand Finals strong with some enormous damage against ROOKIE’s Seox with his Djeeta, earning a decisive first game. ROOKIES makes an early change to switch to Belial, which seemed to be the best decision as he won the next round. While the second round of Game 2 would be close, GAMERA would take that win along with the rest of the game. ROOKIES decided to switch back to Seox for Game 3, but GAMERA would continue to counter at seemingly every turn, going 3:0 and resetting the bracket.

With the reset, GAMERA’s pressure and momentum felt unstoppable. GAMERA’s patience and composure were unwavering. ROOKIES found his footing and took his first game of the Grand Finals to even the score to 1:1. Finally, ROOKIES appeared to be playing with the same level of confidence that was visible throughout the rest of the Grand Finals, winning the next game and bringing the score 2:1. On set point for Evo Japan 2024, with less than an inch of health between both players, ROOKIES grasped victory and became the Evo Japan 2024 Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising Champion!

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4. PGW | REN



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The end of the Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising Top 6 concludes Evo Japan 2024 Day 2! There is still one more day of unparalleled fighting game excellence, with Guilty Gear -Strive, TEKKEN 8, and Street Fighter 6 streaming tomorrow, Sunday, April 29, at 7:00 PM PT on Twitch and YouTube.