Guilty Gear -Strive- returns for its second Evo Japan appearance and fourth Evo event. We’ve seen countless phenomenal matches in the three years since Guilty Gear -Strive- was released. Arc World Tour 2024’s first qualifier for GGST concludes with this Top 6! The Winners side begins with MOCCHI, TEMPESTNYC, MIGUMIGU DOKKOISHO, and SANAKAN, with GOBOU and TYURARA awaiting on the Losers Side. Here are the highlights for every breathtaking moment of this unforgettable Guilty Gear -Strive- Finals!

TEMPESTNYC kicked off the Top 6 with a perfect round right off the bat with his Leo Whitefang against MOCCHI’s Sol Badguy. While TEMPESTNYC didn’t earn a second perfect round, it was close! MOCCHI seemed to be warmed up in the second game, making the round close, but TEMPESTNYC still earned the win. MOCCHI struck his first round win in Game 3 with TEMPESTNYC keeping things close. While MOCCHI got close to winning a Game, after a dropped combo, TEMPESTNYC saw the opportunity and took the Winners Semifinal 3:0.

MIGUMIGU DOKKOISHO and SANAKAN led the next Winner Semifinal with Jack-O’ and Happy Chaos, respectively. While MIGUMIGU DOKKOISHO tried to avoid SANAKAN’s relentless attacks, SANAKAN’s control with Happy Chaos stopped Jack-O’ in their tracks. SANAKAN’s onslaught continued through each round of the match. In another 3:0, SANAKAN took the Winners Semifinal to join TEMPESTNYC in the Winners Final.

MOCCHI returned to the stage to duel against TYURARA, sticking with Sol against their Sin Kiske. Right from the start, MOCCHI showed his determination to make it back up to the Grand Final, winning the first game in mere moments. TYURARA used the second game to swap into Ky Kiske. When it seemed like Round 1 of Game 2 would play out the same, TYURARA took the win after a close call. TYURARA nearly evened the score, but MOCCHI retaliated with massive damage. MOCCHI checked every dash TYURARA put out, getting a throw on landing in Game 3 Round 1 for the win. Still, Game 3 wasn’t over yet. TYURARA returned to win the game and bring the score 2:1 in MOCCHI’s favor. TYURARA was electric, in both speed and power, bringing us to the first Game 5 of the Top 6, where he definitively defeated MOCCHI, moving forward to the Losers Semifinal.

MIGUMIGU DOKKOISHO returned to the stage with Jack-O’ alongside GOBOU and their Asuka. In a moment of Deja Vu in Round 1, it appeared that MIGUMIGU DOKKOISHO had difficulty against another zoning character. MIGUMIGU DOKKOISHO gathered their footing and took the next two rounds, with a Perfect victory closing out Game 1.

When stacked with mana, GOBOU’s Asuka seemed unstoppable. GOBOU stopped the momentum MIGUMIGU DOKKOISHO built in the first game, bringing the score to 1:1. MIGUMIGU DOKKOISHO found a few openings that allowed them to turn the tide back in their favor to 2:1. When it seemed like MIGUMIGU DOKKOISHO was going to win the set, GOBOU reversed the atmosphere, bringing us to final game 2:2.

The tension was unbelievable, with each player going to their final slivers of health in the first round as MIGUMIGU DOKKOISHO took the win. GOBOU knew what was on the line and pushed forth in Round 2. After a phenomenal showing from both players, MIGUMIGU DOKKOISHO moved on to the Losers Semifinal.

The Winners Finals featured TEMPESTNYC and SANAKAN back with their Leo Whitefang and Happy Chaos selections. TEMPESTNYC took the first game in a blink of an eye. SANAKAN almost took the first round of Game 2, but TEMPESTNYC did not let up, taking both rounds. SANAKAN earned a Perfect round starting Game 3, which almost seemed to get the momentum in their favor. Still, TEMPESTNYC’s Leo Whitefang denied them the Winners Final, as he moved on to the Grand Final, sending SANAKAN to Losers.

MIGUMIGU DOKKOISHO and TYURARA switched characters to Asuka and Sin Kiske in the Losers Semifinal. With how relentless TYURARA's offense became, MIGUMIGU DOKKOISHO had to switch to the defensive. While not one-sided, it appeared that MIGUMIGU DOKKOISHO couldn’t match TYURARA’s speed. TYURARA showed confidence and skill that earned him the win 3:0, knocking MIGUMIGU DOKKOISHO out of the tournament as he moved on to the Losers Final.

SANAKAN and TYURARA bring us to the last match of the Losers Bracket using Happy Chaos and Sin Kiske. SANAKAN dominated the first round and almost took the second until TYURARA pulled off an expert read to win Round 2. SANAKAN denied TYURARA a second-round win and ultimately took Game 1. TYURARA switched to Ky Kiske to try to turn the tide, but SANAKAN refused to give them that opportunity for Round 1 of Game 2. Just as it seemed that TYURARA would get a round win with Ky Kiske, SANAKAN took the game back, 2:0. TYURARA couldn’t find their footing to build solid momentum. Still, TYURARA created enough opportunities to win their first game, bringing the score 2:1, still in SANAKAN’s favor. Still, SANAKAN’s Happy Chaos was too relentless for TYURARA to take the set. SANAKAN moved forward to meet TEMPESTNYC in the Grand Final.

TEMPESTNYC, with his Leo Whitefang and six games in the Top 6, faced off again against SANAKAN, who clawed his way back up to the Grand Final with his Happy Chaos for the rematch. The two players took turns dominating the playing field for the first two rounds, but TEMPESTNYC refused to take his first game loss in the Top 6. Game 2 played out similarly, with SANAKAN doing great work, but TEMPESTNYC would not give him the satisfaction of a full-game win. After an incredible 3:0, 9:0 total in the Top 6, TEMPESTNYC earned a definitive victory and the Evo Japan 2024 Champion title!

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