The arrival of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike at the forefront of Evo Japan 2024 marks a significant moment in FGC history. 3rd Strike has captivated players for nearly twenty-five years. To honor it, the tournament, held on authentic arcade cabinets, aimed to deliver the most genuine gaming experience. 3rd Strike, a game that bridges the gap between past and present, not only rekindles the spirit of legendary players but also captivates a new generation of gamers.

The Top 6 lineup features BOSS, UCC, SHO, MUTEKI GORRILA on the Winners Side, and Michael-tan and YAKKUN on the Losers Side. We’ve got the highlights from the first-ever Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike tournament at Evo Japan. Let's dive in!

The Winners Semifinals commenced with a high-stakes Yun Mirror Match between UCC and BOSS. The players' moves echoed each other, with after-image effects and expert precision. UCC, however, seized a crucial moment, executing a flawless air parry to secure the first game. The second game was equally intense, with both players scoring a round. This nail-biting exchange continued until the fifth game, where BOSS emerged victorious, taking both rounds and advancing to the Winners Finals with a score of 3:2.

SHO and MUTEKI GORRILA went head to head with Yun and Chun-Li for the next Winners Semifinal. While MUTEKI GORRILA put up a solid fight with their Chun-Li, SHO took all three games with their expert Yun. SHO joined BOSS in the Winners Final, with MUTEKI GORRILA having another chance in the Losers Bracket.

MUTEKI GORRILA had his chance directly after the last match as he competed against Micahel-tan in a Chun-Li mirror match for the Losers Quarterfinals. MUTEKI GORRILA took the first game, but Michael-tan came back with a vengeance, swiftly winning the second game and bringing the score to 1:1. Not to be shown up, MUTEKI GORRILA returned with some expertly performed parries and supers to own Game 3, bringing the score to 2:1 in MUTEKI GORRILA’s favor. For the final game, MUTEKI GORRILA parried into a crouching jab followed by a super that led to a leap for joy as he won over Michael-tan, moving forward to the Losers Semifinal.

We continued into the next Losers Quarterfinal with YAKKUN taking on UCC, who was fighting for their second chance at the Championship. Another Yun mirror match showcased just how differently players could utilize the same character. The two finalists brought the score to 2:2, with tension at an all-time high. YAKKUN’s run in Evo Japan 2024 would come to an end as UCC went 2:1 in the final game with a score of 3:2.

The Winners Finals brought SHO and BOSS together for another Yun mirror match. Both players exhibited unparalleled skill with the character, pulling off complex maneuvers and combos. With everything on the line, the two players kept their composure. SHO would go on to win 3:0, sending BOSS to the Losers Bracket for another shot to become Evo Japan Champion in the Losers Final.

Switching over to the Losers Bracket, we see MUTEKI GORRILA take on UCC with Chun-Li and Yun, respectively. The parrying from both players keeps the pressure high. It was clear that it was anyone’s game with the constant back-and-forth. It was clear that these players knew each other’s character and methods inside and out. When it seemed like UCC would take a definitive win, MUTEKI GORRILA would turn the tide with phenomenally executed parries into supers. In the end, after an incredibly close 3:1, MUTEKI GORRILA would go on to face BOSS in the Losers Final.

MUTEKI GORRILA brought his full force into the Losers Final against BOSS in the Losers Final. While MUTEKI GORRILA took a quick first game, BOSS returned to even the score with an unrelenting Yun. Both players gave their all, knowing that only one could advance to the Grand Final. BOSS maintained his strategy and defeated MUTEKI GORRILA, sending him home and advancing to the Grand Finals, hoping for a reset.

SHO and BOSS reached the first-ever Evo Japan Grand Final for Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. Throughout the entire Top 6, each player showcased their immense skill and expertise. Four out of the six players utilized Yun, so they had their fair share of experience competing against their own character. After an incredible series of reads on both sides, SHO earned the historic title of Evo Japan 2024 Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Champion!

Evo Japan 2024 Final Standings:

1. SHO



4. UCC



There’s still one more game left for Evo Japan 2024 Day 2! Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising completes tops off the night with more exciting competition to come!