The first Evo Japan 2024 Champion title was bestowed upon a deserving victor, marking the culmination of an exhilarating day of competition. This momentous achievement was reached after a fierce battle in the Top 6 of UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH II Sys:Celes, with over 350 players vying for a Spot. The UNI2 tournament at Evo Japan also marked the beginning of the Arc World Tour 2024! GDG | Kyo, Crow, Hishigata, Crimson Crusader, Isaac, and 奥州筆頭/oushuu-hittou etched their names in history as the first Top 6 at Evo Japan 2024 and the first Top 6 for UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH II Sys:Celes at an Evo event.

The Top 6 kicked off with an electrifying match between Kyo and Crow, who showcased their mastery over Gordeau and Merkava, respectively. Both players exhibited exceptional stage control, utilizing their long-range attacks to set up devastating combos. Crow secured the first game, but Kyo fought back with a perfect round, demonstrating his resilience. Despite Crow winning a round against Kyo, the score was now 1:1, heightening the competition. Kyo, showing his adaptability, swiftly adapted to Crow’s tactics, ultimately securing a decisive victory in their final game and advancing to the winners side of the Top 6. Their strategic use of zoning and punishing moves kept the audience on the edge of their seats.

Hishigata and Crimson Crusader took the stage for the next match in the UNI2 Top 6 using Nanase and Gordeau. In a match that seemed to pass in the blink of an eye, Crimson Crusader swiftly emerged as the winner, securing a 2:0 victory and leaving little room for Hishigata to maneuver.

Hishigata and his Nanase continued their battle directly after their last match against Isaac with Hyde in the Losers Quarterfinals. The two players engaged in a fierce back-and-forth, each precision countering the other's moves. The tension was palpable during the second round of their second match. After a series of calculated hits, Isaac emerged with an incredible win. However, Hishigata was not to be underestimated, picking up a game and bringing the score to 1:1. While Isaac took the first round in the final game, Hishigata fought back. After an acrobatic final round, Isaac earned their way to the Losers Semifinal.

Next up, Crow returned to the stage with Merkava to duel against oushuu-hittou and their Seth. While oushuu-hittou won a round in the first game, Crow took the first victory with a perfect round. Crow continued to make quick work of their time in the Losers Quarterfinal with lightning-fast decisions against oushuu-hittou.

Back on the Winners side, Crimson Crusader and Kyo held a mirror match with their expert Goerdeaus. At this point, the players transitioned into first to three victories. While Kyo took two quick wins, Crimson Crusader retaliated to get a point on the board themselves. Kyo earned their victory after an intense back-and-forth, and Crimson Crusader left for the Losers Side with a smile still on their faces, showing their sportsmanship and resilience in the face of defeat.

Crow brought out their best against Isaac in the Losers Semifinal with their relentless Merkava. While there were moments early in the match where Isaac could get inside, Crow did their best to shut down any opportunity. After the first game, Isaac seemed to pick up steam, finally creating openings to bring the match to 1:1. Crow committed to a stellar victory in the third game, bringing the score 2:1 as they moved to the Losers Final.

Crow and Crimson Crusader brought us another Merkava vs Gordeau matchup for the Losers Final. Crimson Crusader took a swift win in the first game. Crow nearly took the last round of game 2, but Crimson Crusader found an opening, bringing it to 2:0. Crimson Crusader, with infinite enthusiasm, won the Losers Final with a definitive 3:0.

The first Grand Finals of Evo 2024 brought Crimson Crusader to rematch Kyo. While Crimson Crusader highlighted their expertise in the Losers Bracket, Kyo was adamant about showing mastery over the character and UNI2. This was evident during the quick first game and a Kyo win. Kyo was incredibly confident, but Crimson Crusader kept his composure to bring the Grand Finals to 1:1. The neutral game was phenomenal.

Crimson Crusader definitely found his stride as he took the Grand Finals to 2:1. Just when it was looking like Crimson Crusader was going to reset the bracket, Kyo made the most out of every opportunity and dropped combo, bringing the score 2:2. Crimson Crusader didn’t like the outcome of the last game, and retaliated with an incredibly quick next round. That wouldn’t be enough, as Kyo took the next round in kind. Kyo was determined to make this Grand Finals a match to remember, with an incredible display of skill, as he was crowned the first Evo Japan 2024 Champion and the first UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH II Sys:Celes winner at an Evo event.

Final Standings for Evo Japan 2024:

1. GDG | Kyo

2. Crimson Crusader

3. Crow

4. 星東 | Isaac

5. 奥州筆頭/oushuu-hittou

5. Hishigata

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