We’re excited to announce our partnership with Metaview, home of the best creator clips, to bring you the best moments from Evo 2021 Online.

Specializing in gaming clips and curation, Metaview aims to bring you the latest content meta based on the creators, tournaments, and game communities you follow.

We’re partnering up to create Evo 2021 Online Playlists with the best highlights from each match throughout the next two weekends. Whether you’re watching the action live, or catching up on what you missed, Metaview has got you covered. Playlists update minutes after each moment happens, giving you a near real-time replay experience.

Relive the best moments of Evo 2021 Online by downloading Metaview on Apple devices, on Android or by visiting evo.metaview.gg starting Saturday, August 7th at 9AM Pacific Standard Time for the full experience.

For more info, checkout Evo 2021 Online!