We are just as hype as you are! Project L by Riot Games will be playable publicly for the first time at Evo 2023! The demo will feature the four champions Darius, Ekko, Ahri, and one yet-to-be-revealed fighter! No separate sign-up is required!

Alongside today’s announcement, Riot Games also highlighted a few new details on the gameplay system. While solo play is always possible, players can team up in 2v2 and 2v1 matches! This unique way to play sets Project L apart, offering new opportunities for strategic combat and fun.

Want to see more of the game in action? Riot Games also released a full Duos match featuring the devs themselves! Check it out below!

We cannot wait for Evo 2023 attendees to get their hands on Project L on August 4 - 6. For the latest info on the game, visit the Project L site and follow Riot Games on social media. Stay tuned to our Twitter for more details on Project L and all the other exciting things coming to Evo 2023!