It has been a minute since we talked about what’s coming up for Evo. While most of our plans will have to stay under wraps for now, we wanted to share what we can so you have plenty of time to prepare for Evo 2024. Let’s keep the hype cooking until we really get things going with a roaring start in January.

Evo Las Vegas 2024 will be on July 19-21, 2024, two weeks earlier than this year’s event! We will also be at a brand-new venue. We can’t say where we will be just yet, but we can tell you it will be even bigger than ever, with an extra day for convention activities!

While we are getting ready for Evo 2024, Evo Japan 2024 preparations are also underway! Evo Japan 2024 will kick off April 27-29, 2024. The event will take place at Ariake GYM-EX, Tokyo. Expect more info soon before the end of the year.

Keep your eyes on our social media for the latest info on upcoming Evo events, FGC culture, and more that we can’t wait to share. Don’t forget to jump into our YouTube channel to relive the excitement from Evo 2023 and beyond! Until next time, it's always a good day to play fighting games!