The thrill of competition. The joy of celebrating your favorite fighting games with thousands of like-minded people. The opportunity to face off against the best in the world for a chance to join the exclusive pantheon of Evo champions. For many, these are what motivate them to put in countless hours preparing for their brackets and keep them coming back to tournament after tournament. That said, taking home a sizable cut of the prize pool doesn’t hurt either!

With Evo 2023 less than two weeks away, we wanted to give an in-depth breakdown of the final prizing and payout structure for the event.

Street Fighter 6

We are pleased to announce that Evo 2023’s record-breaking Street Fighter 6 bracket will be paying out all players who place in the Top 16, with first place receiving a total of $20,000. Payouts will decrease from there, with second place receiving $15,000 and third getting $10,000. Altogether, the Street Fighter 6 bracket will pay out over $70,000 in prizing!

Every other main title at Evo 2023 will have our originally guaranteed total prize pool of $25,000, with first place receiving $10,000 and payouts extending to all of Top 8 based on the graphic below.

Although only the Top 6 of each tournament will be featured in Evo's isolated Broadcast Finals presentation for each tournament game, everyone who places Top 8 in one of Evo’s featured titles will receive an Evo 2023 Finalist Medal and their earned cut of the prize pool.

Prizing for Community Showcase tournaments will be based on entrants to the individual games. Players who place in the Top 6 of these events will also receive Evo Community Tournament medals. For more information and to sign up, you can check out the Community Showcase page here.

If you’re hoping to attend the event, you can still purchase spectator passes from the Evo website. To keep up with the latest announcements, follow Evo on Twitter and be sure to check the Evo website regularly for further updates!