Dragon Ball FighterZ players, we hope you’ve been training at 100x gravity because the ultimate battle is about to begin, and it all starts at Evo 2023! The Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour is back for another year of phenomenal action-packed competition. You don’t need to use the Dragon Balls to learn more; we’ve got you covered!

Here’s what we know so far. There will be seven premium offline global qualifiers, each granting their winner an incredible Dragon Ball trophy, a massive Zenkai boosts to their point totals, and a guaranteed spot in the Finals. Four additional qualifier spots are available to the Top 4 players on the Global Leaderboard.

Evo 2023 will be the only Power+ event, which means you can earn up to 600 points if you win DBFZ at our competition. All Power events grant up to 400 points for first place. Power events aren’t the only way to earn points, though. Numerous offline community Tenkaichi tournaments are also available to help increase your score. The number of registrants will determine the number of points up for grabs. Tournament organizers can apply to be a Tenkaichi event starting August 8th.

After Evo 2023, players can compete at Power events at VSFighting XI in Birmingham, United Kingdom, Rev Major in Manila, Philippines, Thunderstruck in San Nicolás de los Garza, N.L., México, East Coast Throwdown in Stamford, Connecticut, and Thaiger Uppercut in Bangkok, Thailand. Stay tuned for details on the final seventh and final Power event. Follow Bandai Namco Esports and check out the DBFZ World Tour site to stay current.

Ready to break through your limits? We thought so. Bring that confidence with you to Evo 2023 on August 4-6!

Flying to registration won't fast enough! Use Instant Transmission and sign up before competitor registration ends on July 9, 2023, at 11:59 PM PT!