With Street Fighter 6 around the corner, Capcom brought the hype to an all-new level with 30 minutes of updates during the Street Fighter 6 Showcase. We got new details about the World Tour, Battle Hub, Fighting Ground, and even a first look at the Year 1 characters coming to the game. Plus, a new demo is available NOW on PS5/PS4.

First, we got an in-depth look at what’s coming in the single-player World Tour mode. Throughout World Tour mode, players have an avatar they can customize, battle with, and experience the story through. You aren’t just some casual bystander to a larger story. You are the driving force.

Players can meet and train with every character on the Street Fighter 6 roster. Increasing your bonds with these “Legendary Fighters” will unlock their fighting style and special moves. You can even give them gifts for fun interactions. Learn their special moves to use as “Master Actions” in the overworld to knock down boxes and hit enemies.

All your hard work on your avatar comes with you to the Battle Hub. That’s where players can meet new rivals, compete in regular and Avatar Battles, and even play classic Street Fighter titles. Just hop onto a virtual arcade cabinet to get the party started.

Clubs are new ways to stay connected with friends in Street Fighter 6. Players can join groups that already exist or create groups of their own. Club members can create their emblems and uniforms to show off their colors!

Street Fighter 6 is all about giving players options. One of the ways it accomplishes this is by offering multiple control styles. Beyond the traditional six-button layout, Street Fighter 6 includes a new four-button Modern control style. There are three attack strength buttons and a single special attack button. With fewer buttons to worry about, this mode helps keep players focused on the flow of battle.

A third, Dynamic control type, was added to give new players more choices. This offline-only single-button control type utilizes an AI assistant to help new players get a handle on how to play the game. Players unfamiliar with fighting games might find Dynamic controls helpful in leveling the playing field with their more experienced friends.

Sound accessibility settings are also available, providing additional audible feedback to inform you about key elements in the game. For example, a specific chime can play that changes in pitch and frequency based on if you are close enough to attack your opponent. Other options tell you attack height, cross-up identification, and more.

Another new feature for Street Fighter 6 is Battle Damage. Characters will now show scrapes, cuts, bruises, and other visual flairs to highlight the intensity of each fight. Battle Damage is optional, though, and can be turned off in the settings if you prefer a good, clean fight!

Are you still trying to figure out which character you want to main? Street Fighter 6 has helpful character guides to show in-depth tutorials for everyone on the roster. Each guide is complete with situational feedback from the character you are playing as, so show your main you’ve got what it takes! General tutorials are available, too, for those just looking to nail down the basics.

So far, you’ve learned about World Tour, the Battle Hub, and some new gameplay settings. Now it is onto the Fighting Ground! That’s where players will find Arcade, Ranked/Casual modes, and Custom Rooms.

Street Fighter 6 includes a traditional Arcade mode to challenge players on the road to master each character. Once completed, players earn artwork to view in the gallery. Be sure to beat each character’s story to learn more about their journeys, get the highest score, and enjoy the fun minigames.

Ranked and Casual matches make a comeback, of course. Ranked matches are where competitive players will thrive. From Rookie to Master, players will prove they have what it takes to be the best. There is a one-time Rank-down protection feature for those ranked in Diamond and below as well that should help keep things from getting too intense.

For casual matches, Versus Mode has multiple options available for players to choose from. You can use more traditional settings like the length of each round or first-to-five. If you’d like a more dramatic experience, you can turn on Teams or use Extreme Versus settings, like battling with running bulls.

The Battle Lounge gets an upgrade with Custom Rooms. Players can invite others and adjust the settings for competition, training, or something in between. The players are at the heart of the experience.

Even though the game doesn’t release for another month, Capcom is already setting expectations for how they will support Street Fighter 6 in its first year. Capcom Cup Pro Tour 2023 will be focused entirely on Street Fighter 6 with a $1,000,000 grand prize and a $2,000,000 prize pool. Both modern and classic control types will be available in the tournament.

Street Fighter 6 producer Shuhei Matsumoto unveiled the first batch of DLC characters. The Year 1 pass will include SFV newcomer Rashid, an all-new SF6 original character A.K.I., another SFV alumni, Ed, and the iconic Super Street Fighter II Turbo mainstay, Akuma. Rashid will release first later this summer, with A.K.I. launching next in autumn. Ed is getting added to the game in the winter of 2024. Akuma finishes off the season during spring 2024. Players can expect to meet these new characters in World Tour as they release.

New characters aren’t the only things to look forward to over Year 1. Collab items to further customize your avatar will become available as well. Stay tuned for more info on what you can earn.

Can’t wait until June 2, 2023, to jump into the world of Street Fighter 6? A demo version of the game is available now for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 platforms and will release on Xbox Series X and PC on April 26, 2023. During the demo, players can check out the early parts of World Tour and create their avatars to use in the full release.

Don’t forget to sign up to compete in Street Fighter 6 at Evo 2023 on August 4-6, 2023! We will host the first major tournament for the game, and there’s no doubt it will bring a ton of excitement and new players to the competition. Be a part of Evo and Street Fighter history this summer!

These were just the highlights! Want to check out the complete live stream for yourself? Watch every moment below and keep the excitement going for Street Fighter 6, releasing on June 2, 2023!