Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 has had so many incredible moments on the Evo stage, we had a hard time figuring out which ones stood out the most. So we had to ask the community for some of their favorites.


"RayRay vs KaneBlueRiver 2015 Grand Finals. It showed that hard work really does pay off. In a world of Zeros, Morrigans, Vergils, and Phoenixs, a player worked his ass off with a team that doesn't win tournaments. A player that doesn't have the same level of natural talent as some of the previous EVO champs, and grinded to be able to compete in his own way.

Also, shoutout to JWong vs FChamp in 2014 when he was able to come back against Dark Phoenix and Doom with just Akuma, and then eventually win the tournament, after coming up short in 2013.”


“DEFINITELY my match in Top 32 winners against Justin Wong at Evo 2015.

That was probably my life changing UMVC3 match. I had kept losing to Justin in every single tournament, and I had lost to him in the exact same point tournament in 2014, then to Chris G, who ended up 1st and 2nd of that year, so for me, it was the turning point.

The one shot in life I'd have to make a difference; everyone that saw me before that match saw I was on the verge of tears because of how critical the match was for me, and even during the match, you could see the tension as I had to get up for a breather when I tied it 2-2, and how people rushed to me after it. After I won that match, in my mind, if I was able to take him down, of all people, I could absolutely win the whole thing”


"Justin Wong Vs Flocker Evo 2013 Grand Finals. Not only was Justin Wong’s run the entire tournament legendary, but he plays a relatively weak team in a hard match up vs Zero and yet he still clutches out so many games. His Akuma comeback to reset the bracket is still the most hype I’ve ever been just watching a fighting game match.”


“My favorite match for me is quite hard. There are 2 that stand out to me, which are Evo 2013 Loser Quarterfinals against Chris G or Evo 2014 Winners Finals vs Filipino Champ.

But I would choose the Evo 2013 one because I was really down for the count. Down 0-2 and about to lose 0-3 and it just seemed like nothing was working. Some reason a pixel Storm with X Factor level 3 was able to clutch it out on each character 1 by 1 and then because of that I was able to steal a little bit of momentum to my side where I was able to tie it up 2-2.

Then for the final game, we were losing characters one by one and it came down to the final seconds of Vergil vs Akuma. The crowd was on my side for the first time in a long time, just chanting my name and it would suck to not give the crowd what they want. Because of that I was able to become the crowd favorite for Evo 2013 and also Evo 2014 because of some of my crazy plays and also with the team I was representing of Wolverine/Storm/Akuma”


“One of my favorite matches was from Evo 2014 between Coach Steve (Insaynne at the time) and Neo. Steve came prepared with the Phoenix tech, it was a classic East vs West battle, and it secured Steve a spot for Top 8. Legendary year for Marvel and the passion shown through every match!”

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