The hype for TEKKEN 8 is going strong. Part of that is likely because there has been a constant stream of character trailers and updates from the developers. Before the next trailer drops, we thought we’d put together this compilation to help keep track of every announcement.

Nina Williams was the first character to get a dedicated character trailer to showcase all the changes to the roster. Nina trades her classic ponytail for a short bob, killer shades, and dual pistols. She incorporates her new weapons into her combos, further expanding her toolkit as a deadly assassin.

While he might have kicked off the franchise as the series hero, this fighter has fallen from grace during his quest for power and vengeance. With Heihachi gone after TEKKEN 7, Kazuya became the sole antagonist. How does he play this time around? Let’s just say his moves are even flashier than his sick new jacket.

Paul Phoenix is back in biker gear and with a new do. For longtime fans, you may recognize this as a callback to his TEKKEN 4 ending look. On his quest to prove he’s the “Strongest in the universe,” Paul is going all in with his arsenal of solid strikes.

Who better to follow after Paul than his dear friend Marshall Law? The Legendary Dragon chases down foes with his unforgettable fighting style that flows like water. This time, he’s equipped with a single nunchaku to add more variety and range to his moveset.

It is good to be King. That’s not just because he is a stellar fighter synonymous with the TEKKEN franchise; he’s a genuinely good guy. Look up his background after checking out his latest trailer! King has all the gnarly wrestling moves you’d expect and more!

Whether through his design, fighting style, or win quotes, Lars Alexandersson is here to make a statement in TEKKEN 8. Lightning strikes twice (and sometimes even more than that) as far as Lars’ toolkit is concerned. Eagle-eyed fans of the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series might have noticed a familiar super move that closed this gameplay trailer. 

It wouldn’t be TEKKEN without an upgraded JACK. Meet Jack-8, the latest and seemingly deadliest iteration of the Jack robot series. While these killer robots might have started looking almost human, there’s barely any humanity left to their design. Jack-8 will keep your opponents on their guard with their heavy artillery.

When all hope seems lost, Jun Kazama suddenly appears to provide her son Jin with the support he needs to take on Kazuya.  TEKKEN 8 marks her first appearance in a mainline game since TEKKEN 2. Wielding the power of light, Jun gracefully manifests energy and spirits into her attacks.

Dancing Phoenix, Ling Xiaoyu is next to be announced in TEKKEN 8. Ling Xiaoyu can utilize multiple stances, unlocking numerous techniques at her disposal. True to her title, she practically soars around the stage, delivering striking blows to her opponents.

TEKKEN 7 Season 3 newcomer Leroy Smith is back and ready to let his hands do the talking. The “Grandmaster of Drip” fights with calculated strikes and flurries. His array of parries will keep opponents guessing his next move. Bandai Namco Entertainment announced Leroy and our next character at Evo Japan 2023 earlier this year.

Asuka Kazama was the second surprise character announced at Evo Japan 2023. Her toolkit focuses primarily on impactful brawler moves. The “Spirited Peacemaker” uses her skills to stop wrongdoers in their tracks.

The “Fighting Heiress” and self-proclaimed rival to Asuka, Lili returns to TEKKEN 8 to prove she has what it takes to win. Lili’s fighting style is a combination of elegance and precision. As part of her announcement trailer, we learned that Lili owns an adorable cat named Salt with a massive gold chain collar. It looks like they aren’t a fan of being picked up, though!

Following Lili's lead, we have the next Kazama rival, hot-headed Blood Talon, Hwoarang! This fighter uses his ferocious kicks to take him across the stage and into a solid strike toward the opponent. While he might snicker at Jin Kazama's suggestion to go all out, you can tell the two characters have a mutual respect for their skill and capabilities. There will surely be an epic battle between the two fated fighters when TEKKEN 8 releases.

Announced during COMBO BREAKER 2023, Bryan Fury initiates destruction in this next character trailer. The mad cyborg utilizes relentless strikes and calculated counters to own the battlefield. Players will learn the meaning of risk and reward using Bryan Fury's aggressive toolkit. What is the Harbinger of Chaos' goal in TEKKEN 8? Only time will tell how he engages with the rest of the cast, but he'll likely revile in the destruction.

That’s all the TEKKEN 8 news for now, but there’s bound to be plenty more on the way! While you’re excited about TEKKEN 8, sign up to compete in TEKKEN 7 at Evo 2023! We are a Master+ event in the TEKKEN World Tour 2023, so you’ve got an opportunity for massive gains by competing! We hope to see you in Las Vegas August 4-6, 2023!