Earlier this month, Evo Japan 2023 kicked off TEKKEN World Tour 2023 as the first Master event in the circuit, with GS| RB Arslan Ash emerging victorious! Arslan Ash has previously won TEKKEN 7 in Evo Japan 2019 and Evo 2019, making this quite a monumental achievement.

What’s next for TWT2023? Here’s everything you need to get brought up to speed on the Tour, whether you’re a returning participant or just joining the action.

The official TEKKEN competitive circuit returns to global offline events after switching to an online format due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout TWT2023, players compete to earn points in tiered events to increase their overall ranking. The hierarchy for the events is as follows: Master+, Master, Challenger, and Dojo. These tiers offer varying levels of competition and reward. The TWT2023 Global Leaderboard is updated every 12 hours, showing the latest standings for registered players.

Evo 2023 is set to be the first Master+ event and will allow players to make a massive impact on their overall TWT2023 ranking. If you plan on competing in TWT2023, this is an opportunity for incredible gains. Sign up for Evo 2023 to experience the competition and all the excitement we have in store for TEKKEN players.

The upcoming Master events on the Tour are The MIXUP in Lyon, France, Punishment 2 in La Paz, Bolivia, COMBO BREAKER in Schaumburg, Illinois, Battle Arena Melbourne in Melbourne, Australia, CEO Fighting Game Championships in Daytona Beach, Florida, Fighters Showdown in Dehli, India, and VSFighting XI in Birmingham, UK with more locations coming soon. At Evo Japan 2023, TEKKEN competitors got to experience the first Alpha test for the upcoming TEKKEN 8. Attendees at The MIXUP and COMBO BREAKER will also have their chance to preview the game. Register for your local event to compete and experience TEKKEN 8.

Challenger events highlight important regions and bring opportunities to players without local Master events. These events are essential for promoting the communities in regions with growing player bases. The upcoming Challenger events are Paradise Game Battle in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Slash n Dash Emirates Showdown in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Head Stomper in Malmo, Sweden, FV Major in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Brussels Challenge Major Edition in Brussels, Belgium, with more locations coming soon.

Dojo events are smaller community-led events that local tournament organizers set up by applying through Bandai Namco Entertainment’s official portal. Since Evo Japan 2023 concluded, nearly two dozen Dojo events have taken place and have either already awarded players their points or are actively finalizing them.

Do you feel “Ready for the Next Battle?” Get registered for TWT2023 here! If you want the latest TWT2023 news and info, follow the Bandai Namco Esports Twitter account. Also, don’t forget to follow Evo and sign up for TEKKEN 7!