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48 Players Competed, One Rivalry Perservered Throughout the Circuit

Capcom Cup X, the first annual circuit for Street Fighter 6, concluded on February 25, 2024, after bringing together 48 of the best players out of thousands of competitors in the Capcom Pro Tour to see who would make it on top. In attendance were three players from Offline Premier events, 18 from Online Premiere events, 26 from the World Warrior circuits, and the final player from the Last Chance Qualifier. The winner earned more than the title of the ultimate Street Fighter 6 player in the game’s first year of release, but they also earned 1 million dollars out of the circuit’s 2 million dollar prize pool. Wang "UMA" Yuan-hao achieved this phenomenal feat after completing an incredible journey to becoming the first Street Fighter 6 Capcom Cup Champion.

UMA began his competitive career in Street Fighter in 2017 with Street Fighter V. At that time, he used the tag Kagami. While he didn’t earn any major wins competing in SFV, he did place 7th in the Capcom Pro Tour 2022 World Warrior: Asia East #5 event. Inspired to continue to compete, UMA saw Street Fighter 6 as a new opportunity to make waves in the SF scene.

UMA qualified for Capcom Cup X by defeating Chris Wong and winning the World Warrior Regional Final Asia East. That wasn’t the first time the two competed in a Top 8 in Capcom Pro Tour 2023. The two players placed in the Top 8 in World Warrior Asia East #1, with Chris Wong taking the first-place victory. Later, during World Warrior Asia East #3, the two competed in the Grand Finals, with Chris Wong taking the victory over UMA.  The rivalry between the two players would continue to the Capcom Cup X Grand Finals, with UMA and Chris Wong going head-to-head one last time.

The 48 players competing in Capcom Cup X split into eight pools of six players. The selections were made at random through a drawing. Once the pools were decided, players engaged in a round-robin, where every player went up against each other. This process determined the Top 16, with only two from each pool moving forward.

Capcom Cup X Participants:

Group A:

00 | Phenom

HITBOX | Kawano

Tigers | Crossover




Group B:

Yesports | Chris Wong


NASR | Big Bird


GS | Shaka22


Group C:


SR | NuckleDu


Falcons | Mister Crimson

UB | Dookie


Group D:

RB G8S | Gachikun


NS | Mikex



Falcons | Valmaster

Group E:

GG | Xian

BEAST | Fuudo

Snake Eyez



Shodown | NamikazeExTM

Group F:

DRX | Leshar


NASR | AngryBird

MadKings | NeroTheBoxer


MOUZ | EndingWalker

Group G:



Guild Esports | Rainpro



SYG | Garnet

Group H:


Dual Kevin

Travis Styles

Mousesports | Problem X

GoliathGaming | JabhiM


Over three days, the players competed to earn the most points in their pools. It was an exciting mix of well-known and up-and-coming players giving their all for the Capcom Cup X Championship title and the ultimate prize. Thanks to the various online regional events, talented players from areas that don’t usually see much major representation could compete on the same playing field as familiar staples in Street Fighter competitions. Thanks to Capcom Cup, lesser-known players like Leshar could go head-to-head and defeat Evo 2023 Champion AngryBird and Two-time Capcom Cup Champion MenaRD. It was clear that there were no guarantees. Everyone was a viable threat.

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

After three days, the Top 16 players were decided, and the stage was set. With so much on the line, the tension was likely experienced at a level never felt before. Right out of the gate, two Capcom Cup champions were eliminated. NL defeated NuckleDu, and Fuudo won over MenaRD, both 3-1. Chris Wong would go on to knock Phenom down to the losers bracket, and Sayff would finally eliminate him.

The winners side of the Top 8 consisted of Chris Wong, DCQ, Leshar, and UMA. Kawano, NL, Gachikun, and Sayff would reside on the losers side. Making it this far is an achievement all on its own, but the definitive victory would set the champion apart.

NL went on to eliminate Kawano at the start of the Top 8 after a Luke mirror match. Gachikun would do the same to Sayff after their match. Leshar did well against Xian on winners side, but UMA would knock him down 3-0, with Gachikun eliminating him in the end. While DCQ would defeat Gachikun in the winners quarter-final, he ran into trouble with Chris Wong and NL’s Lukes, leading to his elimination.

UMA wasn’t the only one getting a rematch against Chris Wong at Capcom Cup X. Gachikun and Chris Wong competed in the Grand Finals of the Singapore Offline Premier in October 2023, with Gachikun taking the win. Gachikun’s run in the Top 8 was extraordinarily impressive as he eliminated Fuudo, Sayff, Leshar, and NL. The victory streak wouldn’t last, however, when Chris Wong eliminated Gachikun in an incredibly close 3-2 in the losers final.

Now, the rematch of Capcom Cup X would finally commence. UMA and Chris Wong sat side by side after their online matchups earlier in the Capcom Pro Tour. With everything on the line, every move counted more than ever. The last round of the last game would determine the Capcom Cup X Championship in a moment so exciting that it has to be seen to be believed. UMA became the first Street Fighter 6 Capcom Cup Champion, earning the colossal Capcom Cup X prize.

Capcom Cup X Top 16 Standings:

1. UMA

2. Yesports | Chris Wong

3. RB G8S | Gachikun



5. DRX | Leshar

7. HITBOX | Kawano

7. Sayff


9. 00 | Phenom

9. BEAST | Fuudo

9. GG | Xian

13. Dual Kevin

13. Nephew

13. SR | NuckleDu

13. BANDITS | MenaRD

After Capcom Cup X, UMA participated in an interview with Firemanruby, where he shared his experience competing in Street Fighter 6. To UMA, confidence is essential to success in Street Fighter 6. He would “hypnotize” himself to believe he was “strong.” That mindset appears to have paid off with his impressive victories in Capcom Cup X! 

While Capcom Cup X may be over, the training for this year’s circuit is already underway. Register to compete among the best players in the world at Evo 2024! Get info on the new venue, our three-day convention experience, our return to single badge access for both the convention and the Finals, the featured title lineup, increased minimum guaranteed prize pools, and much more.