Players Gave Their All For The Last Shot at Being the First Street Fighter 6 Capcom Cup Champion

While Capcom Cup X reached its epic conclusion on February 25, 2024, the competition during the Capcom Pro Tour 2023 Last Chance Qualifier deserves special recognition. Over 320 players worldwide joined together on February 16-19, 2024. Only one would go on to earn the 48th and final spot to compete in Capcom Cup X. 

The LCQ consisted of eight pools with nearly 40 players each. That’s a lot of competition, especially when you factor in this as the final opportunity to qualify for the Capcom Cup. Everyone was pulling out all the stops. Out of those competitors, only two would earn their way into the Top 16.

The legacy of the LCQ is more than just who won to proceed to Capcom Cup. It is also about the competition shared between returning legends hungry to claw their way back to the top and new players making their names known amongst them. The competitors at the Capcom Pro Tour 2023 LCQ included former Evo Champions from various eras, like Daigo, Problem X, and Kawano. Even players known for different games outside the Street Fighter franchise, like Evo Champion Xiao Hai, were present. It was clear from the beginning this wouldn’t be easy for anyone in attendance. Everything was on the line.

After days of intense competition, the first and second-place players from each pool formed the Top 16 on the winners and losers sides. Evo Champion Tokido, John Takeuchi, Yamaguchi, and Kakeru made it onto the winners side from Japan, and Acqua, Hibiki, Moke, and Nemo proceeded to the losers side. United States players Punk, JB, and Julio Fuentes made their way to the winners bracket, and NoahTheProdigy worked their way to losers. UK’s Problem X earned his way into the winners bracket, and Vxbao from China, Canada’s Zhen, and German player RANDUMB, who was competing in his first offline event, also made it to the losers bracket.

If the heat was on during the first days of pools, now it was cranked to 11. Evo Champion and Evo 2023 Street Fighter 6 4th place winner Tokido finished in 5th place after two hard-fought losses against Punk and Kakeru. JB knocked Kakeru down to losers, where he won against Acqua, Zhen, and Tokido and lost to JB again in the losers semi-finals.

JB would place third in the LCQ after two intense losses against Problem X. John Takeuchi earned 5th place, and on his way, he knocked out Moke and Hibiki. Punk started on the winners side and fought straight to the Grand Finals after initially defeating Problem X 3-0 in the winners finals.

Problem X returned to the Grand Finals after defeating JB 3-0 in the losers finals. He was on fire and ready to bring the heat back to Punk. It took an initial perfect round from Punk for the blaze to reach its climax as Problem X retaliated 3-1 for the rest and then 3-0 after Punk switched from Cammy to Luke.

Congratulations to Problem X for earning the final qualifying spot for Capcom Cup X. You made history alongside the 47 other global competitors. While Capcom Cup X is another chapter to the story, these competitors fought hard to earn their place in the LCQ.

Capcom Cup 2023 Last Chance Qualifier Top 16 Results

1. MOUZ | Problem X

2. FLY | Punk

3. CHAT | JB

4. IBUSHIGIN | Kakeru

5. ROHTO Z! | Tokido

5. DFM | John Takeuchi



9. GYOGUN | Moke

9. SNB | Yamaguchi

9. IXA HT | Acqua

9. Julio Fuentes

13. NARAKABP | Vxbao

13. SS KUMAMOTO | Nemo


13. NoahTheProdigy

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