Looking to pick up some sweet prints and merchandise from your favorite artists on your trip to Las Vegas this weekend? Evo 2023 week is here, so we thought we’d give you a rundown of all the artists, vendors, and content creators who will have booths in our artist alley this year!

Last week, we revealed the Evo 2023 venue map. The artist alley is located at the back of the venue on the right when coming from the main entrance, in between the free-play consoles and the indie game area. Below you can find the floor plan for the artist alley along with a list of all of our artist alley vendors and their booth numbers. Descriptions were provided by the respective vendors.


Edwin “IRONPINKY.” Huang is a Cali based illustrator best known for his published work on Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Mega Man, and Mortal Kombat

A11 – Justin Wong

Recording challenge content at EVO2023 where attendees can win money and prizes

A13 – Limpachi

I'm a SoCal based artist who likes to make everything friend shaped! I also create merchandise of my favorite arcade games, video games, and anime series!

A14 – Tetocco

Tetocco is an independent illustrator based out of Atlanta specializing in fighting game merch. We sell keychains, stickers, posters, pins, and pillowcases!

A15 – Persona & Black

My partner and I work on Skullgirls and We Love Puzzle Games!!! We have keychains for Columns 1/3, Cleopatra Fortune, Soldam, Skullgirls, Samsho, all of Shin Megami Tensei/Persona, Ace Attorney, Fate, and more! Also posters, standees, plushes, and fanbooks!

A16 – EU03

Pinup illustrations of popular fighting game and anime characters

A17 – MeowitsMari

Florida based artist inspired by cute fashion and a mix of Japanese and video game nerd culture along with a retro twist.

A3 – Long Vo

Street Fighter 2HDR/4/5/6 Artist , UDON Senior Producer , Founder Gaia Online & OneSignal , Creative/Art Director and Illustrator

A4 – Arcade Candy Co.

Premium custom enamel pin and Keychain designers. Unique Candy Cab, Arcades, Retro Tech & Fan-Art type designs. We also specialize in custom holographic stickers, posters and pin displays!

A5 – Maintaining Mediocrity

Maintaining Mediocrity features super cute fandom-inspired enamel pins and jewelry :3

A6 – K009

I like to draw and play game

A7 – Moneco Arts

I do artwork of things that inspire me with the heavy influence of fighting games.

B1 – From Caliko

I'm a SoCal artist who loves cats, animal butts, and is an absolute gremlin. My quirky sense of humor translates to my art where I have pins of animal butts, reverse mermaids, chonky animals, and an assortment of fanart. You'll find things from Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and more!


Fanart prints, charms, and more! of games and anime like PKMN, FF15, BOTW/TOTK, etc.!

B11 – Jackal and Hare

Jackal and Hare provides top tier Nerd content with a flash of Geometric style!

B12 – Artwork by Christopher Cayco

Christopher Cayco (CCAYCO) creates massive pieces of artwork of anime and video game properties, often including hundreds of characters per piece and take hundreds of hours to complete. These pieces are a way to pay tribute to the properties that inspired him.


Cute and funny shirts, tote bags, enamel pins, socks, and small goods! Plus Video Game inspired posters!

B21 – The Jetty Jet Show

I'm Jet. TheJettyJetShow is an Art Youtube Channel. I offer art tutorials, live stream, speed paints. Prints can be found on my online Art Store or when i'm tabling at conventions. My art is known for the anime and video game inspired fan art of the “Waifu” variety. My love for anime and Japanese culture has always inspired my style, from the 90s flat, graphic anime style, to the current, painterly blend. I have a variety of styles, no 2 drawings are ever done in the same way. I love to explore the many different styles anime / manga offers. My work can be found across all social platforms including, Youtube, Instagram Etc. @TheJettyJetShow / www.TheJettyJetShow.com

B22 – Eunnieverse

Dumb comics, prints, and acrylic keychains

B22A – Tofu_Sauce

MELTY BLOOD ENJOYER . Anime Fighter Artist

B24 – a solitary forest

Art and small goods pertaining to nostalgic games and anime!

B25 – platyquest

A plushmaker with a fascination with shapes, food, nature and squishy things. Making plushies based on original designs and video games. All self made; designed, cut, sewn and stuffed by yours truly.

B26 – Space Dey

I create colourful charms & illustrations of my favourite Fighting Games such as: Guilty Gear, Street Fighter and more!

My style of art aims to brighten your day!

B27 – RobotCat

Artist focusing on combining traditional Japanese sumi-e and Ukiyo-e aesthetic with modern anime and manga.

B29 – James Valle (KentaroPJJ)

High quality and unique vinyl stickers, posters, enamel pins, and more! Shonen-inspired art style. Good mix of new and retro!

B2A – Vinyl Labz

Vinyl Labz is a premier online retailer specializing in high-quality stickers for the Fighting Game Community, We offering a vast collection of vibrant designs to cater to the diverse tastes of enthusiasts worldwide.


Welcome to the Moka Mart! We're a small studio collective comprised of just two artists, cybzzworld and hasketch! We enjoy designing original art and anime/game inspired merch including enamel pins, keychains, stickers, poster prints, apparel, and more! Our creations bring us joy and we hope they make you happy too!

B30 – Grakanarts

Grakanarts (Grace) is an illustrator based in Los Angeles, California who graduated from Otis College of Art and Design with a bachelors degree in fine arts, specializing in digital media. She has a passion for painting and telling stories and is influenced by Japanese Animation, fashion, and real life experiences. She currently runs her own shop,streams, freelances, and travels around selling her merchandise at conventions.

B30A – Marcos MP Art

I’m a traditional illustrator with work primarily done in watercolors and markers, with some digital art. I’ll be providing prints and original art as well as taking ng commissions on the spot.

B31 – Dynamic Custom Beadworks

All your favorite characters from cartoons, video games, pop culture and more recreated as 8-bit perler sprites.

B32 – Cinamuffins Art

Thick lines and even Thicker color describes my art. The FGC as well as Fighting games are my bread and butter. Most of my art involves characters new and old from games all over the sphere of the FGC, even characters that might not have originated from that space but have found a name for themselves now. The games include Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, Blazblue, P4A, Marvel vs Capcom, Tekken, Soul Calibur, Mortal Kombat, Smash, Killer Instinct, and many more games to come. The FGC will continue to be what drives my art and I hope you folks at EVO appreciate my contributions too

B4 – LOKIIart

Concept artist working in games who loves to draw fan art and original character merchandise in her free time

B42 – bearibop

Hi there, my name is Linhee but you can also call me bearibop! I'm an illustrator specializing in cute, colorful creations. I love drawing, playing video games, watching anime, and eating delicious food. I regularly post art to my social media so if you're interested in keeping up with my newest works, you can check them out there.

B42A – Kiwiburrr

Hello I am Kiwiburrr! I design a lot of prints, mousepads and most notably pins! I try to make my pins have a good balance of pretty, cute, relatable and comedic. Overall I aim to invoke an immediate reaction upon seeing my designs! My fandoms include but are not limited to: Genshin Impact, Demon Slayer, Twisted Wonderland and Hunterxhunter!

B43 – BriLewm

Florida based plush artist specializing in anime and video game characters. Handmade plushies as well as embroidered keychains can be found here.

B44 – A Sunny Disposish

Jenny is a 1.5 generation Korean illustrator who loves Korean culture! Her recent clients include Critical Role and Quirk Books. Her time is spent traveling around the country to table at conventions. She would die for Blanka-chan.

B45 – minomino

Norcal artist cricle who sells a variety of posters, stickers, and keychains with a focus on arcade and retro anime/games.

B46 – REIQ

Reiq's art style is characterized by its vibrant colors, meticulous attention to detail, and a distinct flair for creating appealing and attractive characters. He showcases a masterful grasp of anatomy, effortlessly capturing the human form in all its intricacies while infusing each character with a unique personality and charm.

Known primarily for his illustrations of female characters, Reiq's portfolio often explores a fusion of different artistic influences, incorporating elements of anime, manga, and video games. His creations range from cute and playful to seductive and powerful, with each piece telling a story through expressive poses, intricate costumes, and captivating facial expressions.

As of recent REIQ has done sold out limited covers of Street fighter and Darkstalkers under the Publisher Udon Entertainment.

B47 – Kaeilash

Hi, I'm Kae and I'm an illustrator that specializes in product design. I hope there's something for everyone here— whether that's an art collectable, or home/office decor!

B48 – Jonnyboi G

I'm Jonny a cartoon artist the creator of "ThinkOf" and the past few years just been creating a story with a unique art style to my characters.

B49 – Platinum Disco

Midwest-based artist

B50A – Art of Keeterz

Illustrator, Retro-themed VTuber, Eternal Fighting Game Enjoyer. I sell art prints, charms, and stickers for your fighting game needs!

B51 – Magister

Hello! I've been a professional illustrator since 2011. My works consist of character illustrations that showcase my strength in clean lines and strong contours.

B6 – Wavechan

I turn fighting game characters into chibis and cats! :D We have cool changing stickers and I have EVERY character for Street Fighter 6 , Guilty gear Xrd and Strive, Tekken 7 and 8 (Enamel Pins, Keychains), Skullgirls + Marvel vs Capcom 2, UMVC3, MVCI, DS, Tatsunoko vs Capcom + DNF Duel + Granblue Fantasy + Mortal Kombat 11 + Soul Calibur 6 + SSBU (Keychains) Then random characters from Hi Score Girl, KOF, Melty Blood, BlazBlue!! :)

B61 – Kehasuk

Inspired by the engaging stories, relatable characters and visual intricacies unique to Japanese animation — Kehasuk is a playground for imagination, nostalgia and deep appreciation for this genre.

B62 – Shhteeb

Illustrator and graphic designer making goofy Rubber Hose art style and modernize it.

B62A – x3Dustco

Colorful chibi fanwork of Vtubers, games, and anime!

B63 – Queen Riot!

A cyberpunk and fighting game loving fan.

B64 – Phillstration

Houston based freelance illustrator with a focus on fantasy art who just happens to have a love for all things FGC and quirky 80's movies.

B65 – Jimbobox

Our Unique Capcom inspired drawing style that brings nostalgia to the table while the painting style is modern! Explosive dynamic poses that keep the eye entertained. Our choice of fandoms is also key to how the art is experienced… from Cowboy Bebop to Genshin impact, the variety casts a wide net for everyone and anyone!

B66 – 2.5d

Dioramas and Displays. Retro gaming art for you, your gamer friends, your family and maybe even your pets! We handcraft shadowbox dioramas, framed and ready to display. Iconic scenes of your favorite games. Get ready for nostalgia and unique decor! For over 10 years, 2.5d's been creating for you! CHECK OUT OUR ONLINE STORE! We ship to anywhere in the U.S.

B67 – Raiden Science Foundation

Did you know that rare disease impacts 200 million kids worldwide? The Raiden Science Foundation strives to unite the community in developing cures for rare diseases, starting with UBA5 disorder. Their initiative, Fight4Rare, brings together gamers and creators to raise awareness and funds for life-saving treatments. It's a powerful fundraising platform for making a difference in the fight against rare diseases.

B68 – oosp!

decals, stickers, deskmats, air fresheners, charms, etc

B69 – Kamaniki

Anime and Game waifu posters (Especially Xenoblade)

B7 – DreamerCorp - ItsJustSuppi

Your favorite Fighting Game Characters in the style of CvS2

B70 – PokeyPokums

Hi there! I'm an artist who loves to stream and create merch! =D

I love Pikachu, Splatoon, and Vtubers!! Stop by if you're looking to get some cute merch!

B70A – MTSugarr

happiness & simplicity

Specializing in mainly a line-less style | Simplicity with a hint of happiness.

Guaranteed the best quality stickers, cutest designs, and brightest of smiles!

B71 – Takkun Art

•Artist•Illustrator•Comic Artist• Worked on properties for WB, Marvel, Upperdeck and more. Video game, FGC, and manga artwork!

B72 – Lexiipantz

Lexiipantz is a freelance artist and designer focused on creating high quality plushies of your favorite characters, along with embroidered patches and soft keychains! ☆

B8 – YSB

Artwork of our favorite anime and video game characters.

B82 – Quirkilicious Inc

Drake (Winson) Tsui is a Canadian freelance artist currently residing in Calgary, Alberta.

Creating illustrations under the moniker "Quirkilicious" to offer affordable, quality artwork for fans who share a passion for the same things he loves and enjoys in geek culture!

With a Bachelor's degree in Character Design, I specialize in 2D game art, splash-art and narrative illustrations. I have been featured by prominent companies such as Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment and Bioware.

B82A – Jasmen Rice

I’m a Floridian freelance artist who specializes handcrafted detailed portraits out of Perler / fuse beads of your favorite characters!

B83 – Moonshine Charms

Kawaii artist specializing in anime, studio ghibli, and gaming themed products. Products include drinkware, charms, pins, stickers, and phone accessories. Also a custom controller artist that makes shells, handmade buttons, and custom controller bags. Grab a customized face mask to top off your experience!

B84 – AthenaWyrm

Arizona-based artist that makes gaming and anime-related artworks.

B85 – Fabucastle

Hello! I’m a U.S.-based illustrator who likes drawing from my favorite games. My art does not use AI.

B86 – Triple7SP/PillowDS

Various video game/anime/comic characters that were made by melting tiny plastic beads together in order to form a unique pixelized version of the given character. These sprites have never been seen in any officially released game and are originally designed in collaboration with Ahruon aka Abysswolf and Orkimides of Card Saga Wars. Together we bring you the very highest in quality in regard to character pixel sprites from all your favorite fandoms, games and movies. Nothing is off limits and we guarantee the customer will walk away happy

B87 – SPIF

Apparel company with inspiration from video game and anime culture.

B89 – Justwharton

Justwharton creates nostalgic and brightly colored retro paintings to remind you of a similar time.

B90A – Raindropsndew

Illustrative Fan Works on Fighting games, Anime, Gaming and Vtubers made into vinyl stickers, prints, charms and more.

B91 – SaigaDOS

We are the biggest fans of games no one else likes!


I'm a designer who loves gaming and creates bespoke graphic illustrations and apparel for the gaming community. My work is inspired by editorial design, streetwear, and Japanese pop culture, and features beloved series such as Persona 5, Guilty Gear, Street Fighter, Smash Bros., and Pokemon.

With 71 booths in total, there’s sure to be something for you at Evo’s artist alley this year. Support the community’s talented artists by taking some time this weekend to check them out, and make sure you have room in your bag to carry all of your pins, posters, and plushies home with you!

As we prepare for the weekend, make sure to take a look at the Evo 2023 Program Guide for more information about the event. You can also see the event schedule and learn about all of the activities we have in store so you’re ready to make the most of your time at Evo this year. We’re looking forward to seeing you in just a few short days!