In the Evo TEKKEN 8 Showcase, Seven TEKKEN 7 Evo Champions joined us alongside Bandai Namco Entertainment to share an in-depth look at the franchise’s future with a special Showmatch and TEKKEN Talk. Check out what we learned from the Champions gameplay, the TEKKEN Talk, including the reveal of the final launch character, and the commentary from Tasty Steve, Blood Hawk, and JustASpirit.

The Evo TEKKEN 8 Showcase kicked off with a special showmatch between Nobi, Saint, JDCR, Knee, LowHigh, Arslan Ash, and Book. The players competed in a ladder-style format, with their match ordered by the first Evo Championship. Each player selected three characters per match. Whenever a player lost, they had to make a character change. Whenever a player defeated all three of their opponent's characters, they won and moved forward.

This format allowed us to explore as much of the roster as possible. We saw top-level play from our seven Evo Champions blended with their unique styles expressed throughout the cast. While we saw a good variety of characters used in the showmatch, it was clear that Bryan, Paul, and Feng were popular choices.

Tasty Steve was our host throughout the Evo TEKKEN 8 Showcase alongside MarkMan23, interviewing players between matches to get their takes on the latest title. Tasty Steve also gave us a fast-paced deep-dive into TEKKEN lore with Steve Splains! Blood Hawk and JustASpirit shared their insights on the competition throughout the show, bringing us into the hype with detailed analysis of the players and their playstyles.

Nobi vs. Saint

Nobi and Saint started the showmatch with an intense set. Nobi completes the first set in the showmatch with his expertly controlled Lars 3:2 over Saint’s Jack-8, ending an intense back-and-forth between the two players. We also saw Nobi use Asuka and Feng while Saint brought out Law and Bryan.

Nobi vs. JDCR

Nobi dominated the first part of the second set, with his Paul taking out both JDCR’s Bryan and Jack-8. The tides changed when JDCR brought his Raven onto the stage. Things were incredibly close between Nobi’s Lars and JDCR’s Raven, but in the end, Nobi took the victory and moved forward.

Nobi vs. Knee

Knee gives an impressive showing right out the gate with his Raven taking over Nobi’s Feng. Nobi swapped in Lars and returned with a vengeance, taking out Raven and Bryan. Knee brought the damage with a relentless Paul, taking out Nobi’s Lars and bringing the set 2:2. The two Evo Champs ended the set with a Paul mirror match. While Nobi had a terrific run throughout the ladder, Knee won the set with a devastating onslaught from Paul.

Knee vs. LowHigh

Knee’s Bryan hit the ground running, making quick work of LowHigh’s Kazuya. We saw a Bryan mirror match, and while each round was filled with tension, LowHigh saw victory, knocking out Knee’s use of the character. While LowHigh’s Bryan put up a good fight, Knee’s Feng took the win, bringing LowHigh to his final fighter, Law. LowHigh brought the set 2:2 with a powerful display using Law. Knee’s Paul brought the pain, knocking LowHigh out of the showmatch.

Knee vs. Arslan Ash

Before the match, Arslan Ash is asked who his greatest TEKKEN rival is and takes no time to mention Knee, so saying this matchup was highly anticipated is an understatement. Arslan Ash used three characters we hadn’t seen up to this point in the showmatch, starting with newcomer Azucena, defeating Knee’s Jack-8 after a close battle. Arslan Ash’s Azucena danced circles around Knee’s Paul, which was seen as an incredible threat up to this point in the showmatch. Arslan continued his streak with Azucena 3:0, knocking Knee out of the ladder after an impressive showing through the last two sets.

Arslan Ash vs. Book

It was a battle of two stylish fighters, with Arslan Ash’s strong Azucena continuing to dominate as he took out Book’s Claudio. This match was the first time we saw that fighter in the Showcase. Next up, Book took control of the game with Jun, but only for a moment. Arslan came back after being down two rounds and defeated Book’s Jun. In the end, Arslan Ash’s Azucena could not be stopped, and he won the set against Book’s Jin and the Evo TEKKEN 8 Showcase!


Evo’s MarkMan was joined by Katsuhiro Harada, Michael Murray, and Kohei “Nakatsu” Ikeda to share new details for TEKKEN World Tour 2023, dive deep into TEKKEN 8, and reveal the final launch character. The TWT 2023 Last Chance Qualifier and the Global Finals will be held at The Civic Theater in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. The LCQ begins on January 12, 2024, and the Finals will run on January 13-14, 2024. LCQ ticket sales will launch through three phases. They will be available on November 27, 28, and 29th at 1 PM PST, 1 PM GMT, and 1 PM JST, respectively. Global Finals Spectator tickets will be available on December 4, 2023, at 1 PM PT.

The TEKKEN team highlighted data from the latest closed beta test from October 20-23, 2023. The beta test was the first run with crossplay across all three platforms. Several features will be adjusted and enhanced for the full release. The arcade cabinets in the lobby area will be rearranged for clarity. Ranked matches are getting adjustments, including 30 ranks for players to compete through. Super Ghost Battle is getting more features, allowing players to download others’ AI ghosts to play against. Players can compete against their friends and even TEKKEN developers through their AI ghosts!

Next, the TEKKEN team went into detail with the latest characters getting ready for the next battle: Zafina, Lee, Alisa, and Devil Jina. We saw behind-the-scenes documents highlighting each character and their intricate designs. Fans of these characters and cosplayers will definitely want to take a closer look at this artwork. Harada and the team also highlighted various aspects of the recently announced Victor Chevalier, including his Battle Stage: Celebration on the Seine.

To close the Evo TEKKEN 8 Showcase, the TEKKEN team unveiled Reina as the last character to join the title at launch. One of her key concepts is “Duality”. Players can see that idea played out based on her distinct purple and black motif and playstyle. Reina’s stage is called Secluded Training Ground. Players will have to complete TEKKEN 8’s story mode to learn more about the history and motivations behind this character.

Thank you so much to our phenomenal Evo Champions, our friends at Bandai Namco Entertainment, our talented commentators, and all our viewers for joining us. This is only the beginning of TEKKEN 8 competition, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for our community. Watch the entire Evo TEKKEN 8 Showcase and stay tuned for more info on the title leading up to its launch on January 26, 2024.