KOF fans, the wait is finally over! The last character in THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV Season 2 has been unveiled! Hinako Shijo will close out the roadmap later this winter!

Hinako Shijo was first introduced in THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2000 as a member of the Women Fighters Team. She fights with a fierce sumo wrestler style, specializing in throws, takedowns, and strikes. This marks Hinako's first appearance since THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2003.

Season 2 has been a full-year endeavor with new characters, balance adjustments, and crossplay! Shingo Yabuki leaped into action on January 17, and then on April 4, Kim Kaphwan joined the fray. Sylvie Paula Paula followed just a little later, on May 16, and Goenitz was a free character available to all players through the update on June 20. Najd kept the momentum going on August 8, and Duo Lon closed the summer on September 12.

While we only got a brief look at Hinako Shijo, players can expect a more in-depth dive into the character as her release draws nearer. In the meantime, follow SNK Global for the latest updates on KOF XV and their other titles! Want some more KOF? Relive the hype of the Evo 2023 Top 6!