REV MAJOR in Manila, Philippines, held three incredible circuit tournaments, including a DRAGON BALL FighterZ World Tour 2023/2024 POWER Event. We are halfway through the circuit, and the competition is getting even more fierce! We've got the latest standings for REV MAJOR 2023, the DBFZ World Tour, and the roadmap for where it's headed next.

Final Standings for REV MAJOR and DRAGON BALL FighterZ Point Earnings:

1. Ikoan +400 Points

2. ZeroOne0 + 350 Points

3. Sorsa + 250 Points

4. WDP Xanxus + 150 Points

5. hirohiro+ 100 Points 

5. doraemonfanboy + 100 Points

7. GoodKnight AlexEValdez +70 Points

7. GoodKnight MrValdez + 70 Points

The Top 5 Players on the DRAGON BALL FighterZ World Tour 2023/2024 Leaderboard as of October 05, 2023:

1. ZeroOne0 - 420 Points

2. いこあん - 400 Points

3. Jesse - 395 Points

4. Kayne - 230 Points

5. Doraemonfanboy - 240 Points

The DBFZ World Tour heads to Thunderstruck in San Nicolás de los Garza, N.L., México, East Coast Throwdown in Stamford, Connecticut, and Thaiger Uppercut in Bangkok, Thailand. Stay tuned for details on the seventh and final Power event.

Stay in the know like you’ve got telepathy with King Kai! Follow Bandai Namco Esports and visit the DBFZ World Tour site to keep current and compete in the circuit’s remaining Power and Tenkaichi Events.

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