Last weekend, TEKKEN World Tour 2023 launched its next Master Event at Fighters Showdown in Dehli, India. With it, we got an epic competition between 208 players, bringing significant movement within the tour leaderboard. Here are the highlights for the latest stop in the TWT!

CBM, AKA CherryBerryMango, took the win over their teammate, USLAN, earning the Fighters Showdown trophy and 400 points in the leaderboard. CBM’s victory moved them to 4th place in the overall TWT standings with 756 points in total, just behind USLAN. During the Top 8, CBM’s victory seemed assured, going 2-0 over Knee and 3-1 over USLAN. That win streak didn’t last when USLAN returned to the Grand Finals and reset the bracket, taking things 1-3. CBM reversed the last match during the runback, finally winning Fighters Showdown 3-1.

USLAN earned 300 points for taking 2nd place, giving them a total of 900 points in the leaderboard. This puts them in 3rd place overall, only ten points behind Arslan Ash and 20 points behind KNEE. USLAN has attended 5 Master events so far this season. They also ranked 13-16th at Evo Japan, 2nd at The Mixup, 9th-12th at BAM, and CEO.

In 3rd place, Tetsu gained 220 points, placing them in 21st place in the standings. Tetsu defeated KNEE 2-1 in Losers and won against Sephiblack. In the end, Tetsu lost against USLAN in the Losers Finals.

Sephiblack earned 150 points for making 4th place, moving them to 13th place overall in the circuit. They earned a notable victory through their match against CHANEL in the Losers Quarter Finals.

KNEE reached 5th place in Fighters Showdown and earned 100 points. They now sit at the top of the leaderboard with 920 points, 10 points over Arslan Ash. During the Top 8 at Fighters Showdown, they lost to CBM and Tetsu in back-to-back sets.

CHANEL also shares 5th place and earned 100 points towards their tour total. They now hold the 23rd spot on the leaderboard. CHANEL went 2-0 against Ghirlanda but fell to Sephiblack 1-2.

Prathap placed 7th, earning 70 points. Fighters Showdown was Prathap’s first Master Event of the year. They were the only player in the Top 8 who resides in India, making their performance a great representation of the players within their home country.

Ghirlanda also placed 7th and moved into 42nd place. Fighters Showdown was their 3rd Master Event of the year. They placed 7th at CEO and 17th at COMBO BREAKER.

Final Standings for Fighters Showdown 2023:



3. GL Tetsu

4. Sephiblack



7. Prathap

7. Faclon Ghirlanda

Want to see how every match played out? Check out the Top 16 on Bandai Namco Esports' official YouTube channel! You can catch earlier Master Events here too!

What’s next for the TEKKEN World Tour? It is finally time for Evo 2023 on August 4-6! We are the only Master + Event in the entire circuit, meaning there are a LOT of points up for grabs. Whoever wins TEKKEN 7 at Evo 2023 will earn a whopping 800 points.

We wish the best of luck to everyone who registered to compete at Evo 2023, and we hope you all have an unforgettable experience. We can’t wait to open the doors at 8:30 AM on Friday, August 4, 2023! Until then, stay tuned for the latest info on TWT from Bandai Namco Esports, and follow us on social media for more updates on Evo 2023.