Evo 2023 was the fourth stop on Arc World Tour 2023 for Guilty Gear -Strive- competitors. TSM | Leffen took the victory and earned the Evo Championship. On August 18 - 20, 2023, players competed at VSFighting XI to take the next qualifying spot in the Arc World Tour Finals.

Evo 2022 Guilty Gear -Strive- Champion UMISHO returned from her fourth-place win at Evo 2023. UMISHO placed fifth at VSFighting XI. Jonathan Tene, the CEO 2022 Guilty Gear -Strive- winner, and Arc Revo 2021 second-place winner, earned their latest victory, making it out on top at VSF XI.

Final Standings for VSFighting XI and Arc World Tour 2023 Point Earnings:

1, Jonathan Tene + 100 Points

2, Setchi + 45 Points

3, ONi | Tiger_Pop + 20 Points

4, Dejojo + 12 Points

5, M.Rage UMISHO + 8 Points

5, SYG | Jetstream + 8 Points

7. FLY | M.Rage Razzo + 6 Points

7, SWW_Rycroft + 6 Points

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Jonathan Tene joins the rest of the Arc World Tour 2023 winners, including Zando at Headstomper, IBUSHIGIN | Leo. at Battle Arena Melbourne, Twis | Slash at Brussels Challenge, and TSM | Leffen at Evo 2023. There are five qualifier tournaments left and five potential champions remaining.

Three players with the top point totals from participating events will join the 12 winners from the qualifier tournaments. One final player will earn their way into the Arc World Tour 2023 Finals in California, United States, in Spring 2024 through a Last Chance Qualifier.

Next on the Arc World Tour, players head to REV MAJOR in Manila, Philippines, on September 30 - October 1, 2023. Afterward, we will see competitions at ARCREVO Japan 2023, CEOtaku, in Orlando, Florida, Battle Coliseum in São Paulo, Brazil, and Frosty Faustings in Chicago, United States.

VSFighting XI will likely be the last major competition before Season 3 hits Guilty Gear -Strive-. Did you see any of the character changes previewed at VSF XI? What has been your favorite moment of Arc World Tour 2023? Join the conversation with #GGST and #AWT2023!