Last weekend, Community Effort Orlando hosted its 13th annual event in Daytona Beach, Florida. CEO 2023 was a Master tier event on the TEKKEN World Tour 2023, and over 300 players competed in the TEKKEN 7 bracket for a chance to claim some highly sought-after points on the tour’s global leaderboard. Here are some of the major highlights from the event and how it impacted the TWT standings.

Among these competitors was the TEKKEN World Tour 2022 runner-up, DH.CNJ JeonDDing, who took home his first 100 points for TWT 2023 with a fifth-place finish at Battle Arena Melbourne 13 earlier this month. JeonDDing added 400 points to his total and climbed up to seventh place in the TWT standings by winning the CEO bracket, picking up two wins on KDF CBM and one on VARREL PINYA. This marks his second TEKKEN 7 CEO win after his victory at CEO 2018.

After losing to JeonDDing in the first round of winners side top 8, CBM went on to defeat THY chikurin, Kiba Esports kkokkoma, and PINYA to make it to grand finals from the losers side and earn his highest placement at a Master tier event since 2019. PINYA also broke a personal record, achieving his highest result ever at a Master tier event at third place. Finally, kkokkoma rounds out CEO 2023’s top 4, tying his result at The MIXUP 2023 after a huge upset win over Arslan Ash to kick off top 8.

One of the tournament’s highlights took place in the first round of top 32, where PAR | AS | BL PhiDX defeated Arslan Ash 2-0 with Noctis, sending the TWT 2023 point leader to the losers bracket outside of top 16. PhiDX went on to defeat chikurin to make top 8 and the two players ultimately tied for fifth.

Final Standings for CEO 2023:

1. DH.CNJ JeonDDing



4. Kiba Esports kkokkoma

5. THY chikurin

5. PAR | AS | BL PhiDX

7. Arslan Ash

7. Falcon Ghirlanda

Due to already winning two Master tier events, Arslan Ash receives no additional points for his seventh-place finish at CEO 2023. He maintains his lead with 900 points on the TWT global leaderboard. DRX KNEE holds on to second place with 700 points, and kkokkoma’s fourth place at CEO bumps him up to third on the leaderboard with 670 points. VARREL Rangchu picked up some points by winning Dojo tier event BGCup, bringing his total to 660 points, and Falcon JoKa holds steady at 595 points for fifth in the TWT standings.

With six events behind us, we are more than halfway through the Master tier events on the TEKKEN World Tour 2023. Up next, competitors are headed to Delhi, India, for Fighters Showdown 2023 on July 22 - 23. Then, all eyes will be on Evo 2023, the only Master+ event of the season, where players will compete to earn up to 800 points for first place.

For more information on the TEKKEN World Tour 2023, check out the official website and follow Bandai Namco Esports on Twitter. Also, follow Evo and register for TEKKEN 7 at Evo 2023 before the deadline, July 9th, 2023! See you in Vegas August 4-6, 2023!