The TEKKEN World Tour 2023 is well underway. With the conclusion of COMBO BREAKER 2023, we have reached the midway point before Evo 2023 gives us the first Master + event of the circuit. Let’s get you up to speed with all the Master level events and guide you through what’s to come.

Evo Japan 2023

Evo Japan 2023 launched TEKKEN World Tour 2023 as the first Master event in the circuit on 

March 31 - April 2, 2023. Former Evo Japan 2019 and Evo 2019 champion GS| RB Arslan Ash earned the first victory in the competition. Arslan Ash has been a force to be reckoned with since his first Evo Japan win. This won’t be the last time you’ll see his name in the number-one spot in this recap.

Final Standings for Evo Japan 2023:

1. GS| RB Arslan Ash

2. KDF | Meo-IL

3. VARREL | Rangchu

4. 渡辺/watanabe

5. UYU | LowHigh

5. gken

7. MulGold


The MIXUP 2023

The next stop on the TEKKEN World Tour was The MIXUP 2023 in Lyon, France, on April 22 - 23, 2023. Falcon JoKa earned the top spot in the first EU tournament after taking out ULSAN 3:0, becoming a back-to-back MIXUP champion. Rangchu returns from Evo Japan 2023, reaching third place in two Master events.

Final Standings for The MIXUP 2023:

1. Falcon JoKa


3. VARREL | Rangchu

4. Kiba esports I Kkokkoma

5. Gunni

5. mYi| KiraKira

7. BIG Sephiblack

7. Jodd

Watch the stream for the Grand Finals on Bandai Namco Esports' YouTube channel.

Punishment 2

Punishment 2 in La Paz, Bolivia, gave us one action-packed day of TEKKEN goodness May 6, 2023. This Master event’s Top 8 features players exclusively from the LATAM, highlighting the region’s top talent. After a phenomenal Grand Finals against Abel del Maestro, Sergie Mazter emerges victorious and earns enough points to acquire the fourth place spot in the overall circuit as of this publication.

Final Standings for Punishment 2:

1. Sergie Mazter

2. Abel del Maestro

3. FSN | Leoxaves

4. AEG | Pdemonio Alonso

5. Fen-G

5. RVNT | Shao?


7. Yaquhits


COMBO BREAKER 2023 just concluded last weekend, May 26 - 28, 2023, and brought a few familiar faces to its Top 8. Arslan Ash became a back-to-back COMBO BREAKER champion after an epic duel with KNEE, who reset the bracket during the Grand Finals. These two players have a storied history that has followed them since Evo 2019. Kkokkoma and Sephiblack also return to the Top 8 placements after their performance at The MIXUP.

Final Standings for COMBO BREAKER 2023:

1. GS| RB Arslan Ash


3. TALON | Book

4. eFITA - HG |Danielmado

5. Love N' Care | Joey Fury

5. THY l chikurin

7. Kiba esports I Kkokkoma

7. BIG Sephiblack

Current Leaderboard and Upcoming Events

According to the global leaderboard, Arslan Ash returns to the top spot with a massive lead of 900 points. He is followed by Danielmado and Rangchu, who are tied for second at 510 points. Sergie Mazter comes in at fourth place with 470 points, and Falcon JoKa is close behind in fifth place and 425 points. With this only being halfway through the year, there’s still plenty of time for these standings to change. You never know who will make it out on top.

Next on the TWT, we have Battle Arena Melbourne in Melbourne, Australia, from June 9 - 11, 2023. Following shortly after, CEO Fighting Game Championships in Daytona Beach, Florida, gets in on the action June 23 - 25, 2023. Then Fighters Showdown in Dehli, India, keeps the momentum going on July 22 - 23. 2023. VSFighting XI in Birmingham, UK, is the last announced Master event, following Evo 2023 on July 18 - 20, 2023. More Master events are planned to be announced soon.

Evo 2023 is the only Master + event in the circuit so far, and it is your opportunity to make the most significant impact on your TWT 2023 ranking. That’s because you can earn up to double the points of a typical Master event, with a maximum of 800 for earning first place.

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